Camp Kid-Toucher up for sale


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Michael Jackson's ranch set for auction
Tue Feb 26, 8:42 PM ET

LOS ANGELES - Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch will be put up for sale at a public auction next month unless the pop star pays the more than $24 million he still owes on the property, according to a Tuesday court filing.

Financial Title Co. filed the notice of trustee's sale with Santa Barbara County Superior Court, setting the auction date for March 19. A spokeswoman for Jackson did not immediately return a call for comment.

Julie Wagner, a manager at the San Francisco-based title company, confirmed that Jackson's property was set for auction.

Court documents obtained by Fox News warn Jackson that he has until the date of the auction to take action to keep his lavish estate.

If the property does go to auction, the initial asking price could be higher than the $24.5 million Jackson owes because of interest due and other costs, according to the filing. Everything from the estate's merry-go-round and other carnival rides, locomotives, sculptures to the curtains and bath tubs in the estate would be up for sale should the auction take place, according to the filing.

The reclusive star no longer lives at the famous, 2,500-acre spread in Los Olivos, a popular tourist spot northwest of Santa Barbara known for its wineries.

He's been mostly residing abroad since his 2005 acquittal on child molestation charges, although he has spent time in Las Vegas as he tries to stage his musical comeback.
Who the fuck would buy that? I'd love to take a blacklight around the house though.


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Too bad Sir Anthony doesn't have Howie FU money, or he'd have a place to keep his young future girlfriends.


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I'd love to see the inside of that place. Considering it was built when he was raking in the dough, you know it's got to have some pretty impressive shit in it.

Oh, and I'd love to see the **** room.


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Jacko Evicted; 'Thriller' Flops

So many people ask me, "What’s wrong with Michael Jackson? How did he get into this terrible situation?" His beloved home, the 2,900-acre Neverland Ranch, is about to be auctioned off in public, with all his possessions in it, on March 19 outside the Santa Barbara County Courthouse.

And, no, this is one foreclosure the federal government is not going to bail out.

Not only that: after a big debut week for the 25th anniversary edition of "Thriller" with 166,000 copies sold. But in its second week, the updated "Thriller" dropped 65 percent and sold just 55,000 copies, according to

The bigger question is: What happened to all those Michael Jackson fans? Where are the legions of devoted fanatics who write to me, who consider themselves Jackson’s best friends? Where are they?

The fact is, if Jackson can’t sell more than 200,000 copies of a special edition "Thriller" in two weeks, he’s not going to be selling so many concert tickets after all.

And that may be an essential part of the equation as Jackson’s lawyer, Peter Lopez, makes a last-ditch attempt to refinance the $24.5 million loan needed to keep Neverland. Jackson is already leveraged to the hilt. He has assets on paper, but he doesn’t work. He doesn’t tour, and he’s not releasing records. Why would anyone in this economy lend him any more money?

One of Jackson’s biggest problems is that he won’t return to remunerative work. I told you two weeks ago that he recently was offered a great gig: 10 shows minimum, 30 max, at $1 million apiece to perform the "Thriller" album at London’s Millennium Dome. It was a solid offer from AEG Live. But he wouldn’t do it.

He also wouldn’t appear at the Grammys. He also refused to pitch in on "Thriller" publicity — most of it was done by producer Quincy Jones. It seems no one has ever told Jackson the old adage that 99 percent of life is just about showing up.,2933,332952,00.html


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If he had just stepped back and focused on production work and/or gone off to Vegas after the first round of kid toucher accusations, things would be a lot better for him now than they are.


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If he had just stepped back and focused on production work and/or gone off to Vegas after the first round of kid toucher accusations, things would be a lot better for him now than they are.
Or, you know, if he didn't touch kids.


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I blame the rat bastards that squealed on him.


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Are the zoo animals still there?