Camp X-Ray


Is alive.
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They should be treated as well as they were in Afganistan
because that is what they like.. :mad:
A Peek Inside the Cuban al Qaeda Camp

By Cathryn Conroy

The 110 al Qaeda and Taliban detainees who have been taken to Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba don't know where they are. The only thing they are told is which direction is east--so they know where to pray. On Thursday, reporters were allowed to see the compound for the first time.

Based on reports from Dow Jones Newswires, the Associated Press, and others, this is what it's like at Camp X-Ray: The outdoor, individual chain-link cells with roofs and cement floors measure 6-by-8-feet and expose the prisoners, to heat, bugs, and rain. The cells are behind three fences and coils of razor wire. The detainees are clothed in orange jumpsuits, and their beards and heads have been shaved to prevent lice infestation. They have been given toothbrushes, but the handles have been shortened so they cannot be turned into weapons. They use a plastic bucket for a toilet. When they arrive at the camp, they are given a half-sheet of paper to write to relatives or friends. Some have vowed to kill any Americans they can. Still, they obey their captors. Sgt. Lisa Juve, an Army guard, told reporters, "For the most part, they do what they are told." Some will go on trial in U.S. criminal and military courts; others could be sent home. A few will stay at Camp X-Ray for years because they are considered so dangerous the United States does not want them to be free. The Bush administration will not call them prisoners of war, since then they would have certain rights under the Geneva Convention. On Friday, a team from the International Committee of the Red Cross, which includes a doctor and a linguist, started a series of meetings with the detainees to determine if their rights are being violated.



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