Can anyone find this audio?


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Does anyone have the audio or know the show dates rom the old XM days when they were making fun of the Lacy Peterson murder and they played a song parody that someone did to the Sponge Bob Square Pants theme?


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No, but I still sing that song to myself every once in a while. "Who lives in a Body Bag under the sea..." fucking classic.


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No, but I still sing that song to myself every once in a while. "Who lives in a Body Bag under the sea..." fucking classic.

I caught my self singing that little diddy this weekend. Totally forgot about it untill it popped into my head.
jtc is right. I just checked my recaps and It's about 2 hours into a commercial-free copy of the show. This show also featured the debut of the MartiniSteve song where his clothes are on fire...


jtc is wrong. The song where the two shows debuted was the 12/14 show.
December 14 -- CAR CRASH SFX era begins!
1:44:00 Opie explains why show must be on in mornings.
~15:00-19:00 Opie declares open season! Brings back Assault on the media. Recaps The Sexbagel's attack the previous day on Fox 5. Recaps other attacks, including the "Atomic Bomb" behind Melissa Russo.
21:15 Opie says that during that C-bomb, they had to tell CBS Prez of entertainment Leslie Moonves that it was a listener.
21:34 Anthony writes a MartiniSteve song parody to honor his flaming attire. "MartiniSteve's clothes are on fire."
1:11:01 A caller bombs with a joke about batching in a car. Opie likens it to a car pileup. This leads to the playing of a car crash sound effect during bad jokes told by listeners.
1:13:35 CAR CRASH SFX on caller.
1:15:41 CAR CRASH SFX on Norton!
1:16:32 CAR CRASH SFX on caller (x2).
1:19:18, 1:47:44, 2:09:25 CAR CRASH SFX on caller.
2:09:29 Laci Peterson parody song done to Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song.
2:17:00 O&A replay the serious Laci Peterson song originally played on Dec. 10.
2:29:30 GOSSIPY BEN. Jim Norton starts talking about Ben's mannerisms and uniqueness. His tiny cell phone. The way he reacts to gossip. His tremors.
2:50:43 Tommy Chong.
Apparently the car crash sound effect ALSO debuted during this show.


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Spreadtheonavirus is only updated every 6-9 months and always with maybe four files. C'mon man pick up the slack.


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Sometimes in all the negativity, I forget how great some of this radio was. Fucking amazing stuff.

Oh, and this.



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Anyone know exactly how many minutes into the file this particular song is? I'm finding a lot of songs on this day's show and I'm not finding the one the threadstarter is talking about.

edit - nevermind, 2 hrs, 25 minutes, 4 seconds.