Cannibal 'vampire' jailed


Guilty ... a police officer takes off the handcuffs of defendant Jan O, whose face has been blurred in accordance with German law. Photo: AFP

A GERMAN court has sentenced a ''vampire'' killer to life in jail for murdering two teenagers whose blood he drank and whose flesh he ate while they were still alive.

Identified only as a petty thief called Jan O., aged 26, the killer admitted the murders of a girl called Nina, 14, outside the town of Bodenfeld last November and her friend Tobias, 13, five days later.

Judge Ralf Gnther also committed him to psychiatric treatment and ordered that he be subject to preventative detention - a rare move that means he can only be released if a panel of experts judge him sane - but in effect he will almost certainly die behind bars.

Judge Gnther described the crimes as ''excessively violent'' and ''a just about unimaginable dimension of injustice''.

At the trial in Goettingen, prosecutor Jens Mueller told how Jens O. wanted to **** Nina, but instead ''vampiristic and cannibalistic tendencies'' were triggered. Before she died, he chewed off parts of her face and drank her blood from a neck wound.

''I didn't want sex any more but only flesh and blood,'' he wrote in his confession. ''The taste of it made me addicted.''

He returned several times and filmed himself lying next to the corpse, stroking it.


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