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Car crash in Notamerica....

Motor Head

Jan 23, 2006
Land of hicks and rubes.
If it was an arm you gotta pick it up, fold the fingers back except the pointer finger and poke the corpse in the nose repeatedly to verify that he is indeed dead.
You would make a fine police officer. I watched a deputy at a really bad fatality collision helping the coroner take the bodies out of a mangled car. He found a hand, picked it up, flipped me off with it then shoved it into a bag. A while ago a homeless guy got hit by a train. A rookie local cop showed up to the scene and looked at the sheet that was over the body. He looked at me "wow, he sure is short". I looked at him - "the other half of him is over there" and pointed to another sheet 20 yards away. Rookie turned white as that sheet, puked. I lol'd.


Plata O Plomo
Dec 28, 2008
I don't feel bad for these rich faggots. They drift race in front of traffic, I've seen videos where they drift race around cars and drive on the wrong side of the road. This is the same country that won't let woman drive, but lets these fuckups keep licenses. Fuck them.
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