Carrie Remake Teaser Trailer


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Just saw it on Imdb..starring Chloe Moretz:


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This may end up being good. The vibe there is really creepy.

But two things:

1. Why did this need to be made? Is the old Carrie that dated?
2. When there is so much of King's stuff that is untouched, why dip into this well again?


1. I don't mind a remake so long as it is good. Can't fight the tide.

2. What's important to them is not to make a Stephen King movie. It's to make a movie that is already a recognizable brand. Not agreeing with it, just explaining it. I guess in their mind it saves them the need to create a brand out of something. They just need to attach a new product to an existing brand name. Just look at Battleship - that thing had the flimsiest of connections to the "source material" but that wasn't important. The important thing was that people knew the brand "Battleship."

Teaser was nice. And I like Chloe Moeoeeoeeoeretz. I just doubt this could ever be something particularly special. To me, Carrie was not one of King's most interesting stories anyway. Not to mention that everyone already knows the climax, so they will have to do something really special or else it'll just be a total bore.


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I've never read Carrie, nor seen the original film. Don't know why, just never got around to it.


I'm sure it was great for the time. I just think nowadays it lost a lot of its luster because it has been referenced and copied and homaged and outdone. Bottom line - it's a story about a telekinetic girl who is bullied until she snaps. And she has a crazy religious mother. I'm sure the bullying angle will be stressed because it's a hot button topic these days (and maybe also the crazy religious thing), but even if you haven't read the book or seen the original, can you really say you've never seen anything that sorta fits the description above? Probably not.


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At least this time the actress is actually age-appropriate for the role. Sissy Spacek was 27 playing 16 in the original.