Casey Martin.

Disabled golfer Casey Martin may use a cart to ride in tournaments, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, saying federal law requires a leveling of the playing field for the handicapped, even in pro sports


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Thank God. I am so sick of these golf historians saying it's not fair. What kind of bullshit is that, the fucking guy has a legitmate handicap. I praise Casey Martin for fighting for the right to do what he loves for a living. This decision was well deserved. If it wasn't ruled this way, I would call this a prejudice to all handicapped people with dreams of one day being able to fit in.

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Yes im glad he won the right to use his cart. Although i may think golf is the most boring sport and dont really like it that much i know those old fucks who golf are prejudice and fucking rotten old bastards.


Is alive.
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His circulation problem in his leg causes him enough trouble and makes it necessary for him to use the cart to play golf.


I speak the human language
That's what I am saying. I was listening to Opie and Anthony go on about this the other day, saying it's not fair and shit. I think it's the only fair thing to do. The guy has a disability and he is competing on the highest level of his sport. I commend the guy for chasing his dream. Call me a sap, but that's how I feel.