Cineverse Caspian Endor: A Star Wars Story About Star Wars: Rogue One


I Think I'll Eat An Apple
Rogue One, the Star Wars prequel that's still the worst, most cynical Star Wars movie by far, is getting its own Prequel Series on Disney+ The Streaming featuring everyone's favorite character: MAN!

Will we see:

Man, meet Mon Mothma?
Man, meet Saul Gurerra?
Man, meet The Rebel Leader From Solo Who Might Have Been 13 or 31?
Man, meet The Guy You Stabbed At The Beginning of Rogue One So We Can Have Cheap Character Development Later On?
Man, meet Snarkbot?

So many possibilities!!


Liberal Psycopath
It will be a two season arc on meeting and learning to trust K2-SO. Only due to a contract dispute with Alan Tudyk, he will be voiced by Gilbert Gottfried