Cat bearding


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Cat bearding: The purrfect new Web meme

Cat bearding sweeps the Web (AP/WGNO)

It was only a matter of time. Love of cats and fascination with facial hair have joined together and become one exceedingly popular, furry Web meme: the cat beard.

Basically, it's where you position your cat in front of your chin and, well, voila!

The craze has even resulted in a handy how-to video. As you can see, no cats are harmed in the making of the cat beard, although some felines may get slightly annoyed by the process.

The Tumblr blog called, what else,, has collected a range of cat beard pics, from the vertical and expertly positioned (so that the cat's mouth becomes your mouth) to the horizontal.

Mashable points out that the "cuter and smaller the cat, the more rugged the beard."

Tha fuck? Speaking as an internet nerd, I've never seen this before.


Supreme Champion!!!!!
Never heard of it. Fucking stupid.

Gorilla Pimp

Popped a molly i'm sweatin, WOO
i hope one of these faggots loses an eye trying to do this when their cat gets tired of their shit.
So, we are or aren't doing Wackbag cat beards?
Someone tell my cat he was woken up for no reason...



No hopes of repair
I don't need my cat. I have my own beard.


I'm Team Piggy!
I've got a long haired cat and I wanna try it out.


I'm Team Piggy!
I'm fat and my cat is fat and white. I'll look like Fez.


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Probably because you're a waterhead who eats paint chips. Which is the same thing as being a Georgia native,

for some reason, whenever you try to be funny it just comes off being crass and dickheadish.

Mother Shucker does it and I put him as a quote....learn to be more like him. :)