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I'm surprised Paul didn't name himself one of the best for both belts. Hopefully they will have some balls and put David Arquette in there.

If you need any more proof that the old WCW belt is seen as the 2nd Place Championship, just look at participants for both MITB matches.


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All night long they were hyping it up. They were doing video packages of WWE/WHC champion matches that could have happened or did.
Needless to say, many of these would have been tremendous matches. I distinctly remember the second to last one before Cena/ADR,
Sting at his height versus Stone Cold Sting Austin at his height, somewhere around a time of Surfer Sting Comeback or Crow Sting in the mid to late 90s.

"Man, what if Stone Cold fought Sting in 1997!?! That wouldda been so SICK! That wouldda been sick as fuck. What a dream match!"

And somehow Cena/ADR is like that, except it isn't like that at all.

Just they repeatedly embarrassed the shit quality of the Cena/ADR match compared to what history could have offered.

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I don't give a shit about Raw. I thought Punk coming back would make me give a fuck. But I don't. let me know when Bray Wyatt debuts.


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actually wasn't disgusted as much by Raw last night as in the previous week for whatever reason though many of the matches were complete shit. it pains me to say this but I actually found the Jinder Mahal dude to be a pretty good worker and he did a nice job in the match with Ziggler (who is the most overrated guy on the roster). but, like, WWE just does so much stupid shit that it's really hard to care at all about the ebb and flow of the product anymore. as an example, they had Christian give a good account of himself against The Shield a few nights ago and actually get a pinfall. Last night the WWE played their Groundhog Day card and had Christian job to The Shield but getting his neck dropped on the top rope like Koko B Ware in 1987. Christian is a colossal bore but to have him get what the WWE myth machine has convinced people is a big win only to job like a ham and egger and few days later is just plain stupid.

and for the love of God, enough with Fandango.

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I like the way they're going with the Shield...they should keep winning, but the occasional loss won't kill them. Actually developing a feud with the Usos could turn into something interesting when Reigns could turn on them

other than that, it's kinda been the pseuo-same. As long as Bryan doesn't get fucking jobbed down to "guy who gets a great reaction from the fans so we'll bury him" I'll be pleased with this summer
I watched the Main Event this Wednesday for the first time. It's pretty good. The Christian/Sandow match was very good. It's nice to see matches last longer than 5 minutes. I would like to say, however, enough with the stupid lighting for Sin Cara's matches. It's annoying as shit and he seems to lose any time I bother to sit through one of his matches so why should anyone think he's so fucking special as to deserve special lighting?