Centralia Washington Ambulance Crew Attacked


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CENTRALIA, Wash. -- Two AMR paramedics getting gas for their ambulance Saturday found themselves fighting a stranger.

Around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, police said another customer at the gas station yelled at the paramedics and tried to pull one out of the medic unit.

The man was eventually arrested, but he did injure the paramedics. One suffered cuts to his eye and the man apparently bit the other medic in the arm.

Police said the injuries might have been more serious if it weren't for Vicki Disney. The social worker from Vancouver, Washington, was also getting gas. When she saw the man go after the paramedics, she thought someone might get killed.

When the men tackled their attacker, Disney jumped on top of the man to help restrain him until police arrived.

"I think in this world we all need to help each other," said Disney.
If that truck runs on gas I'll eat my hat..no company in their right mind buys a gas ambulance... It's fucking Fuel!!! And assaulting an ambulance crew is a bad no no, I dunno what the laws are in Washington state.
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I like fistables.
Station 5 has to scuffle with the nogs in North Omaha on a regular basis. Seems they like to attempt to take meds from the rescue units.