Chainsaw Massacre Thwarted by Baseball Bat

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Chain saw attack thwarted by baseball bat.
Date published: 6/15/2011


A Springfield man was hit on the head with a baseball bat and arrested on charges that he attacked a Stafford County man with a chain saw, police said.

Stafford Sheriff's Maj. David Decatur said the incident began about 11:45 p.m. Monday on Barclay Lane in Stonebridge of Widewater subdivision.

A 44-year-old Stafford man reported that another man was yelling and banging on his door. The resident said the man cursed him and told him to come outside.

The man reportedly was upset with the resident about a woman. Decatur declined to elaborate.

The resident said that when he took a step out the door, the man came from behind a bush with the chain saw.

He started it and cut into a railing leading to the front porch but did not injure the resident.

Decatur said the resident was able to get back inside his home and close the door. A short time later, the man broke into the home with the chain saw still running.

The man was screaming, and the resident yelled for someone else in the house to call the police.

As the man came after the resident again with the chain saw, the resident grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and hit the man in the head.

The man fell backward out of the house and onto the porch, Decatur said. When he tried to enter the home again, the resident jabbed him in the midsection with the bat, knocking him off the porch.

Decatur said the man staggered around the yard for a few minutes before getting into his Chevrolet pickup truck. He left before deputies arrived.

Deputies searched the area and found the truck and the chain saw down the street. The man was gone, and the Sheriff's Office placed a lookout for him.

About 1:40 a.m. yesterday, Decatur said, the Sheriff's Office was notified that the man was at a hospital in Springfield.

Fairfax County police arrested him there on a domestic assault charge connected with an incident a week earlier.

He picked up other charges in Fairfax when he was accused of assaulting two police officers while trying to flee from the hospital, police said.

Douglas Edward Turner, 31, is charged in Stafford with two counts of attempted malicious wounding, breaking and entering and destruction of property.

He was in the Fairfax Adult Detention Center last night, Decatur said.
My mom always told me "don't bring a baseball bat to a chainsaw fight." My mom doesn't know shit.

Motor Head

Why go outside in the first place??? If you have been putting it to the guys wife/girlfriend you know he didn't come there to discuss it over a nice cup of tea.
I totally forgot that Elias Koteas played Casey Jones. What bizarre casting.
But is it only bizzare because of the roles he played after TMNT. Even though I haven't seen the movie in years, I remember him doing a good job as Casey Jones.


The Only Thing Bigger Than My Head
It worked though.


Make America Gay Again.
I think a lot of future trouble could have been avoided if the guy with the bat had a gun.