Chan-wook Park's THE BRIGANDS OF RATTLECREEK (Amazon Studios)


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S. Craig Zahler's legendary unproduced screenplay THE BRIGANDS OF RATTLECREEK (formerly THE BRIGANDS OF RATTLEBORGE) is moving ahead once again with Korean genius Chan-wook Park directing and Matty McConaughey in talks for one of the leads.

The story is that a bunch of very nasty dudes bribe an Indian shaman to conjure up a huge storm to hit a small town called Rattlecreek. Under the cover of the storm they plan to rob the town's wealthiest man. Along the way they inadverdantly murder the wife of the local Sheriff and escape into the mountains. The Sheriff discovers who in town tipped these brigands off, puts his ass in chains and, along with a mysterious stranger who had recently arrived in town with motives of his own (this is the role Matty Mac will likely play), they head off in pursuit of the bandits. Much fucked up shit ensues.

This was originally going to be Park's English-language debut, but fell apart and lead him to directing the under-rated STOKER. I'm glad he is coming back to it. He knows how to make a movie that can scar a nigga. SYMPATHY FOR MR VENGEANCE is still one of the most disturbing, draining movies ever made.

God, I hope this gets made. Amazon studios already delivered the magnificent SUSPIRIA remake, so hopefully they have the taste to stand the fuck back and let the movie be as dark and intense as it needs to be.