Changing laptop harddrives


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Ok, I'm planning on doing things this way:

Buy the new hard drive.
Buy Norton Ghost.

I have an xb2000 Notebook Expansion Base with the installed hard drive. What I'm planning on doing is "ghosting" my current hard drive onto the expansion base's HD, remove the old laptop HD, install the new laptop HD, and then "ghost" my information back from my base's HD onto the new HD.

Does this sound like any problems will be coming up, or should I just hand my laptop over to the Best Buy geeks and have them do it? No real issues with that (nothing on my laptop I'm really worried about), except I don't want to be laptop-less for the 4-5 days they say it's going to take them to get to my computer.


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As long as the new HD will fit, it shouldn't be too bad. I've done it with regular computers before. Laptops shouldn't be so hard.

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Shouldn't be a problem. If you find Ghost can't see the new drive in the expansion base, you might have to spend $5 on a USB 2.0 external case.


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Instead of spending the money on Ghost, use DriveImageXML (free) from Though you don't need it, you can run it from a bootable BART PE disk.

I use it all the time. You have to partition the new drive first so Windows can see it, but other than that, its pretty straightforward.

DriveImage from Powerquest was my preferred software, but Symantec bought them and killed off the superior product in favor of Ghost. Ghost always gave me headaches - bad images, incomplete processes, etc. Hate it.

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I sent the OP a PM, but for the record my suggestion was to download Hiren's BootCD. :)