Cheat: A Man's Guide to Infidelity by Bill Burr, Joe DeRosa, and Robert Kelly


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Cheat: A Man's Guide to Infidelity [Paperback]

Bill Burr (Author), Joe DeRosa (Author), Robert Kelly (Author)

When it comes to scoring on the side, this book is your best friend.
Comedians Bill Burr, Joe DeRosa, and Robert Kelly have experienced the rich pleasures and unspeakable risks of romantic infidelity, and survived to tell their tales.
Now, they impart all the wisdom, advice, and humor they picked up along the way, including how to:
* Wipe away your shame and guilt—and get smart before you get hard
* Conduct your filth with the right chick, in the right place, at the right time
* Take an hour to shower and scour—and fight your worst enemy: glitter
* Explain a strange scrunchy, hair extension, or pair of earrings to your girl
* Navigate strip clubs, massage parlors, and women of the night
* Lie like a woman—and call it quits without getting caught
Featuring ten true stories from men who’ve lived the life and a link to watch Burr, DeRosa, and Kelly’s hilarious short film of the same name, Cheat is a wickedly smart field guide to philandering that will revolutionize your game.
Release Date: October 9, 2012

“Wow! This fabulous book made me a better cheater and a shittier father! I can’t stop grinning!” —Artie Lange, bestselling author of Too Fat to Fish

“Uncompromising and funny. Read it. Even though it will destroy all hope.” —Colin Quinn, star of Long Story Short

“I usually think reading is kinda ‘fruity’ but this book got me hard. What a great summer beach read . . . if the beach is in Haiti.” —Dave Attell, host of Insomniac and Dave’s Old Porn

“Great book. Very funny! We are all going to hell.” —Darrell Hammond, bestselling author of God, If You’re Not Up There, I’m F*cked

“I do not condone a single thing in this book; in fact I find the topic disgusting. The authors, however, are as funny as their ideas are despicable.” —Greg Gutfeld, TV host and author of The Bible of Unspeakable Truth

About the Author

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast is one of the most downloaded comedy podcasts on iTunes, and he is a regular on Letterman, Conan O’Brien, and Jimmy Fallon. His third hour-long comedy special, You People Are All the Same, was released in 2012.

Joe DeRosa is writing, directing, and starring in a number of web series, working on his third comedy album, and touring the country. He has been featured in his own half-hour Comedy Central special and two Comedy Central Records audio releases. He is a regular on The Opie & Anthony Show and Fox News’ Redeye.

Robert Kelly is one of the top touring comics in the country. He hosts the popular You Know What Dude? podcast and has a recurring role on FX’s Louie. His Just the Tip was an iTunes comedy album of the year, and his comedy specials include Comics Anonymous, Comedy Central Presents Robert Kelly, and Tourgasm
Kindle Edition -- $9.99 --
Paperback $10.17
Hilarious and entertaining from beginning to end. October 9, 2012
By Alen

I just found out about this book, and while reading it(almost done), I can say it features well written hilarious comedian and celebrity stories. Bill Burr, Joe De Rosa, Bob Kelly - these guys are like the unofficial kings of comedy. I didn't even expect them to be such good writers but, hey, who doesn't like a good surprise. Would recommend this to most people really. Delivery was quick and easy.


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Ima get this one. The reviews by Colin, Attel, etc are hilarious in themselves.


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Placed an order for one. Not sure when I'll get a chance to read it but I like to support the guys.


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Bobby and De Rosa were on red eye last night pitching the book. It looks pretty good I'll have to pick it up.


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I'm about halfway through this and it's good. It's not quite as knee-slappingly funny as I expected but it's a very quick, amusing read.


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Mine just came it. It's a really nicely printed book.


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I find the entire concept of infidelity to be nauseous (my parents cheated on one another a lot). I've heard good reviews but I don't think I'll be buying this one.


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I'm about halfway through and I like it a lot. I'm not reading the thing as a how to. I wouldn't ever cheat. I also don't see a ton of great advice that goes beyond common sense in the book.

What I do see is some pretty good comedy. My wife and I both are getting good laughs out of the book so far.

If you like Burr's MMP and the tone of his comedy in general, then you'll like the book.


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Also, is it possible to see the movie without tweeting or facebooking? I am not on either, but I bought the book with the understanding that it included access to the movie.


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Check r/opieandanthony Someone posted in a post about the book but I can't find it (think I hid the post).


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I find the entire concept of infidelity to be nauseous (my parents cheated on one another a lot). I've heard good reviews but I don't think I'll be buying this one.
I'm with you. My wife is the best egg this side of Dr. Puncher but I'm not sure how she'd react to seeing that on the ol' nightstand.


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I saw the book at Barnes & Noble yesterday. Very nice looking. The pages are rounded off. Nice design. I read the stories from Vos, Opie, and Anthony. Yeah, the subject matter has been done to death by men's mags like FHM and Maxim. But I still liked what I saw so far.
I find the entire concept of infidelity to be nauseous (my parents cheated on one another a lot). I've heard good reviews but I don't think I'll be buying this one.
Maybe they were just swingers, fucking prude. :action-sm

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Why not just have an open relationship or hook up with a swinger?

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Bought it today. Seems to be sold out everywhere up here. Tracked down a copy.

I remember Joe saying in a September 2012 show that when buy the book, you get to see the movie. I'd rather not be a fucktard and go download it through nefarious means. Anyone know how? The Cheatamansguide website wasn't helpful.