Check in after you vote.


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Don't have to say who for but check in after you cast your vote in the most important election of our lives. (At least until 2016). I'm done, no lines took about 5 minutes.


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Washington has mail in ballots, so not really an issue here. (Though, I still need to drop mine off. Procrastinating ass that I am.)


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I voted for Big Bird.


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Already voted absentee in Colorado. Figured my Mittens vote would mean more there than in NJ.


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Doesn't matter who I vote for, but I'll vote on the Senate and ballot questions.


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Voted. Though I know it doesn't matter, Obama is gonna take the next 4.


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Voted for that Gary Johnson bloke. A vote for Mitt doesn't count in Jersey.


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NYC here my vote doesn't count.

So who won?


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I live in Wisconsin and I registered a month ago with League of Women Voters on a college campus. Took about 5 minutes. I got confirmation that I would be on the voter rolls with a letter.

I then just walked across the street at the community college, walked in and voted. Was pretty easy but I made for sure that I cast my ballot properly. There was something in Wisconsin where you vote on the ballot in to me an odd way. There is a arrow, a split arrow, by the candidate's names. You then take a special marker and fill it in to make a whole arrow. It was then sucked into a machine. I kept asking to make sure it was initialed right and my line was thick enough, etc. I was really worried about my vote getting tampered with in this battleground state. I think the end result in this election will be very, very close in Wisconsin so I didn't do the absentee or mail in ballot and wanted to do it in person.

Took less than 10 minutes to walk there, vote, make sure my ballot was done right, submit it and walk home.


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Voted Absentee a few weeks ago. Voted Romney.


Voted Johnson. As it doesn't matter in NYS. The Big Zero will take most of the downstate vote.


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Monte Brewster FTW

About a 10 minute wait in line


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Done. Took about 25 minutes on the upper west side of Manchester, NH. When I arrived the line wasn't that long at all, maybe 10 deep in my alphabet bracket. When I left it was out the door. The registration line was also 10-15 people long the entire time. I spoke to the guy helping people insert their ballots into the machine and he said that he's been volunteering at the polls since 1988 and that the turnout so far is by far the biggest he's ever seen, even bigger than 2008.

Oh and the checked for photo ID. Nice.


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No way Romney is winning NJ, wasn't before Sandy & now it will be even worse so I voted Johnson to make a 3rd party choice


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Gary Johnson is going to win Wackbag at least.

Ballot is all filled out for Gary Johnson, but didn't mail it in time so I'm going to drive it by the polling place in about an hour.


I was going to write in Big Bird. But the Board of Elections is loaded with party CUNTS.


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Voted this morning. Lines were really long, so I filled out the scan-tron form with my own black pen and skedaddled. Done in 10 minutes.


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Oh, and I voted for Chip Chipperson mutha fuckas.

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2:10 in waiting time in southwest florida.

total voting time: 5 minutes.
Went this morning 25 minute wait plave was flooded with undesirables made a big show of voting for obama again and not understanding the basics of the polling machine and it did bother me that no one was asked for id and that my parents and sister were still on the voting roll even though they've all been dead for over a year