Chester Bennington replaces Scott Weiland in Stone Temple Pilots

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I just heard about this... I think it can work.

STP didn’t know how much Bennington wanted job

Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo didn’t realise how easy it was going to be to persuade Chester Bennington to join the band.

He’d known the Linkin Park frontman was a fan – but he didn’t know how much of a fan.

And after Bennington had accepted the role that became available when STP sacked Scott Weiland, he told DeLeo the whole story.

The guitarist tells Nikki Sixx on his Sixx Sense radio show: “I was on a European tour, in my room, late at night. I turn on the TV and there’s Linkin Park doing this massive festival, and Chester’s hitting it with a Stone Temple Pilots shirt on. It put a smile on my face, it brought me back to home, and I could feel my heart again.

“When the time came to think about a singer we reached out to him.”

Bennington, who readily describe accepting the invitation as a “no-brainer,” went on to record the trackOut Of Time with STP, who launched it in May as their first musical act without Weiland.
It was around that time the singer told DeLeo: “When I was dating my wife, about eight, nine years ago, I said: ‘One day, they’re going to call me to be in the band.’”
But even though he’s said similar things to the press, it was all a surprise to the guitarist, who wasn’t sure whether Bennington would say yes. “I didn’t know,” he admits.
STP are now working on a full album, although Bennington has made it clear Linkin Park is his priority. The band say they’ve completed four songs so far. Their split with Weiland is now the subject of two lawsuits.
Ahead of a series of live shows,tDeLeo will appear with Peter Frampton and B.B. King in August. He says: “What a complete and utter honour – Peter put me where I am today.”


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Its been news for a couple months now, the big reveal was Chester singing for one of the opening STP shows at the Starland Ballroom.


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It might work, but it's not STP. No Weiland, no STP.

Just like how Velvet Revolver could never be GNR. Not that they tried, but no Axl, no GNR. With that said I don't rally consider the modern "GNR" real either.

Some members just define the band. Weiland with his megaphone doing Sex Type Thing. Or Axl and Slash together doing Welcome to the Jungle.

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Regardless of how I about feel about Linkin Park these days (used to be a fan, although I still like Hybrid Theory -- it has a fuck-ton of nostalgic value), I always like Chester's voice and thought that he was an amazing singer.

That said, I don't like STP so I don't really care for any reason other that the evil glee of watching that bitch Scott Weiland's former bandmates replace him.


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I hope Ronnie gets to interview his nephew about the news.