Chicago Area Turning Into A Giant Waterpark...Without The Fun-


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Water is always high this time of year, but add 5" of rain, and the fun begins...

^^^Ironically, this is on River Road. :eek:

I'm one of the lucky far. I only had a comparatively minor amount of water come in the basement.
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the Streif

I hope it washes Rahm Emanuel and Co. right into the lake to drown.


it's a man, baby!!!
maybe all the morons who voted for their current leadership will drown

we know they suck at swimmin

f kane

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I always found Gene and Judes to be overrated anyway, so no big loss. Good but not great.


Screw you guys, I'm going home.
Maybe someone routed the river back in the original direction?



Ridiculum Anserini
Maybe someone routed the river back in the original direction?

No boo necessary. They actually are letting the Chicago River flow into Lake Michigan to ease the pressure. The Lake was way down anyway.


Ridiculum Anserini
From one of my Brothers over at

Amazing, funny and tragic all at once...

yea shit is pretty crazy over here! I been up for a good 36 at this point hours dealing with flooding. I got lucky that only my garage flooded and nothing major was damaged.
My buddy works in a HD in the Chicagoland area... they opened early yesterday at 5 am... and by 7:30 generators, pumps, squeegees etc... were sold out.


Ridiculum Anserini
Thread title says "without the fun", first post says "and the fun begins". Make up your mother fucking mind.
Many unforeseen events transpired between the writing of the title and the body of the post...hat of ass.


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Chicago is one step closer to becoming the old school pirate cove that I've always wished for.


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Please tell me Al Bundy's house is ok.