Chicago Police Scaling Back Responses to Frivolous 911 complaints...


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Like robbery, burglary and car theft.

I thought it was great that the current police superintendent admitted to being burglarized so many times that he couldn't put the precise number on it. "3 or 4 times." That isn't an OR thing, how many times you were a burglary victim.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy insisted crime prevention “in the future” happens when officers are on patrol, not tied up taking reports at the scene of non-violent incidents.
“I don’t mean to be flippant here, because I’ve been the victim of a burglary at least three or four times,” he said. “I’d rather have the officer on street, where he can prevent the shooting.”
Prob best not to park downtown... or drive there... live there... etc


Disarm the people and not show up when called for service. Just a wonderful recipe for disaster.

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“I’d rather have the officer on street, where he can prevent the shooting.”
He couldn't prevent the burglaries (which took at least a few minutes to commit). What makes you think he'll be able to stop a random blink-and-you-miss-it shooting?
So I guess they'll just take someone's word for it when they get a report of a stolen car instead of responding to it? I'm absolutely certain that this will not lead to more of those types of crimes and an increase in fraudulent theft claims. "Yes sir, my apartment was broken into. They stole my TV." "What's that cheering? Are you watching the Bulls game?" "Oh no sir, not me. That wouldn't be possible unless my TV wasn't stolen--which it so totally was. How soon did you say that police report would be available. My insurance company's gonna need that before they send the check."

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Young African American gunshot victim... can't imagine a more frivolous complaint than that. I'd sooner roll on a cat stuck in a tree.