Chicks and Piss

Ok heres a thought that comes to mind. Did anyone here ladies also ever date a chick who let you piss in the mouth? Anyone ever piss on a chick?
BB im not saying that i like to do this but there are some chicks who let guys piss all over there tits and in there mouth. I think its sick but i see this crap all over so i figure somebody likes it.


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It is sick but there are men and women tha love that for some odd fuckin reason..there are only 2 guy i know that love it when chicks that do that..
and that is Jim Norton and Chaunce Hayden.. I have had talks with them about it and for some reason they just like it don't know why :eek: :eek:


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Well maybe its the warmness of the piss that gets them off. As for me Ill take a good ole fashond shower if it is warmth I need. ;)