Chinese Granny Tries To Halt Microsoft Surface Launch Event, Comprains It’s Too Noisy!


Microsoft Surface’s launch event was held at 00:00 yesterday night, which might have caused too much noise and affected surrounding neighbors. A Chinese granny and a grandpa were extremely unhappy with the event, because the noise was disturbing their grandchildren to go to sleep. They went up to the stage while dancer dancing and pulled away by the security guards. Other than this, we haver more to show you about the Surface’s launch events in China. Everything else after the break!

What a historical moment!
Launch Event in Beijing

Let’s about the launch event. Microsoft planned to launch its Surface on the 26 Oct 00:00, but because of the time difference between China and Western countries, China has the great honor to be the first country to launch Microsoft Surface, making it a lot meaningful for Chinese customers. Surface tablet was launched through China’s biggest retailer Suning Electronics in seven Chinese cities, including Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. And, the launch event in Beijing has drawn hundreds of buyers.
The Queue

The Queue

Launch Event in Beijing

He’s the first person in the line. He named Chen Shi, 25 years old. He had been waiting in line for 30 hours and wearing this Microsoft Surface hoodies


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She got off lucky, if she had been in America she'd have been pepper sprayed, tazed and possibly shot by police for terrorists actions.

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Off to the death bus for her I say!!