Chinese villagers find mysterious "mushroom"


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Those this is what happens without internet.


What's black and white and red all over?
Who speaks Chinese to know what they are actually saying? Maybe with their expressionless faces they are talking about keeping the rubber sex toy wet so the whole village can use it and cut down on the billions of horny chinamen.


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If they're not dubbing in another audio track, then they're saying pretty much what the article is saying they are.

It's kind of funny. I think Xi'an (where the report is from) is where there is/used to be this cheesy tourist trap back in '97 where what they claimed was a matriarchal minority group was from. So at the tourist trap they had this big statue of a naked woman's torso on its side, with a little gift shop on the vag and tits about 6 ft. in diameter.

I or maybe my parents have a photo of me in front of the boobs somewhere. I'll see if I can dig them up.

Here's the English subtitled version:
The subtitle translation is pretty accurate. Again, if this hasn't been dubbed over, which I kind of doubt.


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I am going to ask the obvious question...They dug down 80 METERS and found this? Where in China is this village? Next to the Chang Xiu People's sewage treatment facility and dump?