Chippa & Sam listening thread 6/14/13

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This could either be brilliant or the worst thing since Hitler.
What the hell, the boys are getting lazy. Thank god Jim and Bobby are here.
The babies in Africa are easier to have after their box is wrecked by mandingo dick.


I can keep rhythm with no metronome...
I gotta give Bobby credit, he knows how to make this interesting. Opie on the other hand would lull us to sleep with his wife's labor stories.
Op is my favorite of the crew. Actually, I prefer the early mornings when it's just Op and Ant and Jim is out.


He's no good to me dead.
About to go leave to pick up my Special Edition of "Last of Us".
Fucking video games wooooooo!


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and I don't know why we are listening to a Jimmy and Bawby show...but I kind of love it.
I assume Opie went to the Open.
No clue on Ant but I'm sure he's enjoying a long weekend.
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