Chris Hansen plugs o&a on MSNBC


Sorry Harvey.
Hahah im watching Live with Dan Abrams and Chris Hansen just plugged O&A haha.. i'll try to get the audio.

was just on at 9:04 pm eat coast

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WTF are you talking about? Where there cookies and lemonade involved?

edit: posted too late.

He said the guy heard him on O&A? Holy shit!


wait.... did he say one of the predators heard him on OnA???

Fucking great....


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Did he try to plug a downloads website while he was at it?


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So let me get this straight, a child predator listens to O & A and uses this as a reference... And that is good?

So Chris Hansen + Pedofile = More Gooder?


Sorry Harvey.
hahahha omg at 10:38pm the kid they caught on dateline said

"i thought you were funny on o&a" HAHAHA



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And then he was quoted as saying "Grrrrrr".


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BEst part was when the kid saw the brownies and started laughing. He knew from the show that was it.


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yea i got the video too, but its 135mb for 6 minutes.

Edit - Its the ona fan from the show tonight, not the msnbc clip.
this was a special present for me tonight. I rarely watch television, so not only did I get to see To Catch a Predator, but to my surprise there was a dude who mentioned O&A, then I see this clip of chris hansen on msnbc mentioning O&A.

We live in a beautiful world.


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I'm shocked that it took this long to get an O&A fan. . . and the fact that he wasn't wearing a "" t-shirt is a pleasant surprise!!! **Whew!**


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I'm sure that the boys just appreciate this kind of attention.