Christmas deals


En Taro Anthony
I think with the holiday approaching we're all looking for deals on electronic items.

For instance, till 8PM PST, you can pick up from Amazon Time Crisis 4 for 50$

For HD DVD fans Wal-mart has 12 free discs when you purchase an A3 at regular price. For blu-ray fans they have a 40GB PS3 with 10 movies this weekend.

As I find some great deals, I'll be posting them here.


Crinkle Crinkle!
Oh, didn't realize that it was already expired. Either way, they still don't list the A3 on their site (at any price), thus the confusion.

Amazon has had a better deal than that on the A3 going on for weeks now. The price has varied between $160-230 and the number of free movies has varied between 7 and 12, but as of right now you can get an A3 with 10 movies for $199... $100 less than the Wal*Mart deal.


En Taro Anthony
Amazon is having a deal o Bioshock in 2 hours followed by a deal on another piece of electronics.

Also woot has a Navman for 160$


Gum and Pennies
And pay attention to the CompUSA ads this week! They have been bought out and are scheduled to close by the new year!


Crinkle Crinkle!
For you Blu-Ray owners, is selling a bunch of movies for $10-$14 each (though you must buy two to get that price). Some really good titles in there, too.