CIA backs off of NIE Report from 12/07


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Remember just a short while ago, how the NIE issues a report stating that Iran was not seeking nuclear arms, and the media played it up like Bush's comments were "lies" and the like?

Well, the CIA is now backing off of that report. Pretty damn fervently, too.

It turns out that on Tuesday, as our Eli Lake reported on page one of yesterday's Sun, the director of national intelligence, Mr. McConnell says he now regrets the phrasing of the unclassified estimate that so stirred America's enthusiasts of diplomacy. In testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Mr. McConnell went further. He noted that Iran is developing both the long range ballistic missiles and the nuclear fuel for a potential weapon. What had halted, it turns out, was work to design the actual warhead and secret enrichment activity. The Iranians continued to enrich uranium in the open in Natanz in defiance of two Security Council resolutions.

As for the secret enrichment and weapons design, Mr. McConnell is not even sure as of mid-2007 whether the Iranians have restarted this work. "We assess with moderate confidence that Tehran had not restarted these activities as of mid-2007, but since they comprised an unannounced secret effort which Iran attempted to hide, we do not know if these activities have been restarted," he told the assembled senators. So why then did the opening sentence of the December 3 assessment state with no equivocation, "We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program"? Mr. McConnell said that it was because he had to assemble quickly a declassified estimate in late November and that it did not occur to him that this kind of declarative statement would confuse the issue.

For the unelected intelligence bureaucrats who pushed through December's distortion and the newspapers that cheered them on, the walk back from the director is a serious blow. It's hard to recall a situation quite like it. Only a few lines about Mr. McConnell's testimony on this point appeared in yesterday's New York Times, and that was buried in a story that focused on the improvements Al Qaeda has been making in its ability to strike the home front. Yet for a brief moment the unclassified assessment about which Mr. McConnell now has regrets ended political debate about the urgency of stopping the world's leading sponsor of Islamic terror from obtaining an apocalyptic arsenal.
Great job, NIE. Issue a report which all of Iran's sympathizers, abroad and in THIS country, use as evidence to support the position that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons.

And, as it turns out, they actually still ARE seeking nuclear weapons, and NEVER STOPPED SEEKING THEM. All they did was, for a time, halt the development of warheads and *secretly* enriching uranium.

People wonder why foreign policy and the war on terror are my number one issues this campaign season. This shit is why.

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I'm telling you, more and more of this will come out, and years from now... the way this country so feverently tried to stop this shit, while trying to spread democracy will be praised. Bush, et al will be vindicated. Maybe not soon... but years from now.

How many of this country's great Presidents were hated while in office?

Bush and his administration know what's important. And that's why I'm going for McCain come November. I don't agree with him on everything... but on security, he's the only choice. And that's what's most important right now. Any idiot can raise/lower taxes to fix the economy. Don't need experience for that.


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where are all those people who said "see? see? Bush is full of shit!" Ohh they must have missed this story some how. they always seem to miss these stories...
Once again, another story vindicating Bush gets released to very little fanfare, only to be completely buried by the MSM.

I'm disappointed in Hannity and Rush for not pounding this one home, though.