Citadel exploring station sales. Buffalo might be included.


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Mar 3, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
Got this from Radio-Info

Citadel makes it official - it's hired two banks to help it sell up to $175 million worth of stations

CEO Farid Suleman's talked about this process for months, but may have taken a more concrete step by hiring Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank to market stations from the portfolio - from $75 million to perhaps $175 million of them, over the next 12 to 24 months. The announcement came just before the market closed today, and officially weighs down the market with more "inventory" to be sold. Taylor on reported on Monday that markets such as Buffalo, Syracuse and Knoxville might be up for sale. Citadel and other potential sellers have been waiting for the Clear Channel "departing markets" to be sold, but that process still isn't complete.
This is no surprise after profits were down even though they had acquired ABC Radio.

Also here -


Intercom just bought 4 radio stations here in Rochester, one of them was the one I listen to O&A on. I hope the new owners don't decide to get rid of them, they're already pushed back to being on from 2-5 which blows. I have XM but I may not have it for much longer mostly because I haven't been impressed with their XM side of the show lately, so I'm hoping their show stays cindicated in Rochester.