Classical Music


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Love this thread, but your Friday nights could use a bit of help.
This choral version of Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings is pretty neat.
@LiddyRules you would probably really enjoy the Chopin nocturnes. Arthur Rubenstein does my favorite interpretation of them.
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I always wonder how you write down stuff like cracking the strings or knocking on the guitars or other instruments in the notation.
A lot of times it's just written out, but with experimental composers comes experimental notation. Things get especially strange when the piece relies on improvisation a la John Cage.
Another personal favorite of mine. If you ever find yourself with some time to spare, I highly recommend it.

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You guys like classical covers of pop songs? I used to know a station that was amazing (it was on like a cable music channel years ago). Then I moved and have never found anything close.