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I haven't listened to many of them, but if they're done well I'm sure I'd enjoy it. I have listened to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain do pop renditions on, you guessed it, ukuleles though (they also sing).
Is Sviatoslav Richter well known in Poland, @Queen_Bona? I feel like he's massively underappreciated in the States. Poland being Eastern Europe/Eastern Europe adjacent (depending on who you ask), I suspect he's more well known, but I'm curious as to your thoughts.


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He's fairly known, especially because he did record a bunch of Chopin's pieces, and a lot of his albums are available to buy, but he's not very big here.
An open question to anyone who still reads this thread--what's your favorite piece of all time? I know @DiggerNick is a big Rachmaninoff fan, and I'm curious as to what others here are into.

As for myself, it's tough for me to narrow it down to only one, but the piece I've been listening to a lot lately is Dvorak's New World Symphony (Symphony No. 9). Of course, this could change tomorrow.


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what's your favorite piece of all time?
My all time favorite is Chopin's Prelude no. 6, but I also love Melodie by Christoph Gluck and Mozart's Dies Irae.

And lately I've been listening to this tune a lot, it's so cute:

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I think that Morricone can be considered classical
This is a nice Danish live recreation of the studio recordings, which probably isn't easy. The chick whistler is good. Ecstasy of Gold starts in the middle.

If only every mall pan flute player came from Hungary instead of Peru.