Cliff fall dog rescued from sea


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Because you guys need a feel good story...

A pet dog had a lucky escape after falling from cliffs in Dorset into the sea on New Year's Day.
Beau had fallen from a height at Old Harry's Rocks in Swanage after being taken for a walk. Fortunately for the dog there was a high tide which meant he landed in the sea.
Two volunteers from the Swanage Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) went into the water to rescue the dog and were collected from rocks by lifeboat.
An RNLI spokesperson said: "The RNLI exist to help save human lives at sea, but will respond to animals in trouble to prevent owners taking unnecessary risks to help their pets.
"The RNLI recommend that people keep their dogs on leads when walking near cliff edges."

Video of the rescue at the link.

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I saw Falldog and cliff. Was hoping for something good. I am disappoint.


Malarkey is slang for bullshit isn't it?
Sounds a bit attention whorey to me.