Clown shoe by clown shoe.


What's black and white and red all over?
The thieves capitalize on a little-known industry fact: Some stores put only left shoes on display, while others display only rights.
Good thing they kept that little known fact a secret so copycats aren't encouraged.

“They go to Foot Locker, which has all right-sided shoes. Then they come here because we display left-sided shoes,” said Salissou Mohamam, 40, manager of Michael K., a SoHo sneaker store.

Konstantin K

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All those decades of stealing sneakers and the jigs are just now figuring this out? The National Shoestore Alliance or whatever should just tell everyone to always display the lefties.


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Should be easy to spot these guys - they're the ones with mismatched shoes that don't fit.


Just display right side only, or whatever the majority of other stores do.

Guess that would take too much brain power for some.


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This is a "trend" only with the jigs. Period. I've never heard anybody else doing this dumb shit over shoes. Not even the spics behave like this. They've got more sense and respect!