Coconut Radio with Jason Schwartzman 3/24/16 channel 35 at 6p (ET)


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SiriusXM Taps Jason Schwartzman To Host New XMU Monthly Show, 'Coconut Radio'
March 23, 2016 at 12:31 PM (PT)


JASON SCHWARTZMAN will host a new monthly music show on SIRIUSXMU, "Coconut Radio." The new, exclusive show will feature SCHWARTZMAN, of the band COCONUT RECORDS, talking about and playing his favorite independent music, new and old. The show will feature the music he’s been listening to lately, vintage indie from his record collection and the occasional guest appearance.

“Making a mix for someone is the best way to get to know them," SCHARTZMAN said. "I love hearing what kind of music people are into; I love recommendations; I love people saying, “WHAT? YOU HAVENT HEARD THAT??!! It's an honor to be on SIRIUSXM hosting a show and playing songs that I love by bands that I love for people that I don’t know -- but maybe could love. I hope you like it; if not maybe next time.”

“JASON is a true music lover," SIRIUSXM Pres./Chief Content Officer SCOTT GREENSTEIN said. "His passion and appreciation for music, along with his distinctive creativity across many fields, will result in a unique show for our listeners.”

COCONUT RADIO will premiere on THURSDAY, MARCH 24th at 6p (ET) on SIRIUSXMU, via satellite on channel 35 and through the SIRIUSXM app on smartphones, and other connected devices, as well as online at
I heard the promo on XM103. Apparently, he gets to choose the music he plays.....
/Linger Longer.