Colin Quinn - January 19, 2008 - Strand-Capitol Theatre York, PA

And yes, Caroline Rhea (ugh) is opening for him it would appear...

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It's good to see a friend of the show come to my area, and the Strand is a really cool theatre.
i may have to get last minutes tix for this. I live in Reading, and wouldn't want to get tickets, then not be able to make it because of a storm or getting news of my sister dying in a fiery car crash.
Why is he tour with this "person" I was excited that he was in Redbank. Looked at the bill, canceled tickets


Yeah, ticketbastard says the Baltimore show is cancelled too.
i'll probably go it solo tonight. so far i'm 80% in. got nothing better to do this evening.
great show last night, and the best part was, that Caroline Rhea got held up at an airport somewhere, and couldn't make it (there is a god)