Collin McRae's Dirt - Xbox 360


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Aug 19, 2005
I know, with most 360 users currently going goo-goo over Forza (myself included), you say... Why need another racing game?
I've been playing this about a week now, on and off between forza.

The only reason for that is because it satisfies in all the areas Forza didn't touch on.

Namely, jaw dropping graphics on a hi-def. Offroad racing. And... dirt, vegetation, dust clouds... all of that aesthetic stuff.

Forza was nice to look at, but it wasn't supposed to be the best thing ever seen with 4 wheels on a console. It was supposed to be the best car simulator ever seen. It accomplished that.

I find these both games to compliment one another.

For one, the game is outstanding to look at. Certainly better than Forza, and Burnout. Visually. (I haven't given much credence to any of the nfs, or pgr's)
From the first intro movie, to actual gameplay in races, Dirt is pretty sweet.

The sound effects are satisfying, though hardly as satisfying as hearing those ambient crash noises taking place behind you in forza as you're speeding by someone spinning out. The music, I couldn't tell you one thing about, because as soon as I get a racing game in my console, I'm turning off all music, and choosing my own tunes to race to. Jesus built my hotrod, by ministry gets a lot of play during racing games. So does Point, by Slayer, heh.

Controls are as good as it can get on a control pad. Cars take some getting used to, especially if you're fully accustomed to Forza.
Because with forza, you actually had to use your brake. This one isn't as brake heavy as forza, and it's not a keep-your- finger-on-the-accellerator-nonstop as with burnout.

This would be a great rental if you're a big fan of racers. The demo I played only whet my appetite and didn't really encompass everything the game has to offer.
Also, if you're a really big fan of racers, you can grab this title at the store, fully knowing it'll comfortably hold its own weight with the systems current kings of racing. Burnout and Forza.

I bet this thing is a lot more fun to drive the courses with a pedal/steeringwheel too.


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Apr 2, 2005
Did you just go crazy with Gamefly or something? What's with all of the reviews?


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Aug 19, 2005
Did you just go crazy with Gamefly or something? What's with all of the reviews?

Nah, just stuff I haven't gotten to in the past week or two.
I've got one of my systems modded and can usually get to games a week or two in advance. If there's any crappy nuances about em... I figure I let you guys know about them, if anything else just to help avoid the occasional blind purchases or whatever.
I haaate buying a new title I'm hyped over, without much info or testimonial about it, only to find out its no different than a toiletbowl 5 minutes after eating mcdonalds.

So far, aside from Overlord, and maybe possibly Dirt... there's not many new ones worth purchasing this month.


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May 25, 2005
I heard the framerate drops and the multiplayer STINKS


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Sep 6, 2005
I love the fact that you can stop within 5 feet while going 100+ :huh: