Columbus Day - Live or Worst Of?

Razor Roman

Was thinking about making the visit to the new studio since Opie seems to think that some other board likes them more gooder.

I know I've heard them bitching about not having Columbus day off in the past... but that might have been back when they were on WNEW.

Anyone know if they're going to be on on Monday?


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Jim just said they should start broadcasting the walkover on Monday. So, I guess so.

They were live last year, but Ant bitched about the parade traffic. So your memory is correct


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Tomorrow is phone call Thursday, maybe someone could call and get confirmation about Monday's broadcast? A lot of people have the day off and O+A could remind them to use the opportunity to join the walkover.

Kris_LTRMa's Ma
Any further word on Monday? I was thinking of going in as well. I've never done a walk over and since I'm off from work I figured this would be a good time to do it.
I'm surprised Ant isnt taking Columbus Day off, thats like Christmas for the eye-talians.


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OH HELL NO. After what happened today with Ant falling asleep, Monday is gonna be a live show. We Italians like revenge.


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Ant said "seeya tomorrow" and they corrected him. He said "seeya Monday" and they didn't. That plus not taking the day off in previous years says that they're live.


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Walkover on Mon sounds great. Just to be sure, what's the time & address?


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I'd like to go too. Wackbagger walk-over Monday.