Comic dies after falling into Chicago hotel smokestack


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Comic dies after falling into Chicago hotel smokestack
A 23-year-old Minnesotan who moved to Chicago to follow his dream of being a stand-up comic died Thursday after falling down the smokestack of the Intercontinental Hotel.
Nicholas Wieme, originally of Pipestone, Minn., fell 22 feet down the smokestack while on the roof with his girlfriend, attempting to take photographs. He later died after being pulled from the shaft by rescue crews.

Wieme’s Facebook page, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, suggests he dined at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse inside the hotel Wednesday. A Chicago Fire Department official told the newspaper Wieme and his girlfriend were looking around and wanted to go upstairs. He managed to open a door to the rood simply by pulling on it, Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said.
“The bolt was not in,” he told the newspaper.
Wieme then climbed a ladder to the top of the chimney beside the large observation deck on the Intercontinental’s roof before falling 22 feet into the chimney. He struck an angle that kept him from falling further, authorities said.

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Guess his dreams went.....(puts on sunglasses)......up in smoke.
How do you fall down a smokestack? There's still smokestacks on buildings? (Forgive me, I'm retarded)

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I gotta hand it to him... that is pretty comical.


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That's hilarious. Looks like he really did make it as a comedian.


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Smoking is bad for you.


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His last words...

"I'll be here all weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek".


"Mommy, Santa is bleeding from the head."


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It was sad when the Unknown Comic fell down a chimney and nobody looked for him.

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The comedian didn't understand that you have to have a substantial, iconic career before you are roasted.



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