comp help, comp restarts for no reason


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I'm trying to fix my friends comp that restarts for no reason all the time. No error message and it's not over heating. I tryed running spy and virus scanned, that didn't work. So I ran HP recovery to format it and thought that for sure would fix it. The fucker still restarts for no reason. It's running XP. Please help me out.

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Are you sure nothing is overheating? I just had this problem, and it was due to an overheating video card. I bought a slot fan, and it fixed er up.


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What is the size of his power supply? If he's running too large a video card, processor, and too many drives he can starve the system and cause it to reboot.


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I just recently had this problem with our brand new laptop. A little over a month old, it just kept shutting down for no reason.

After bringing it back to the store for diagnostics (they found nothing wrong with it) the geek suggested I get a "chill hub" for it. A base that has two cooling fans in it.

So far - its working.

Its worth a shot.
1. Crom-A new laptop should be able to cool it's self w/ out having to use other coolant..Something it up there.

2. Hog, how old is the pc? Can you (do you know enough) open it up and observe the inner workings...There could be dust all over cooling components/fans. Sometimes a vaccuum and a q-tip can do wonders. Also, see if the fan for the Processer is spinning...How hot is the exhaust from the pc? It def sounds like an overheat if it is runnind virus/spyware free and then then restarting on its own.


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Overheating. Make sure the room is freezing before you proceed.
run Event Viewer
Boot to safe mode & System restore
Automatic restart on BSOD:
Right click My Computer,
Advanced tab,
Settings button (Starup and Recovery),
uncheck Automatically Restart.
RAM damage(run memtest86 but takes hours). Lack of RAM. Incompatible RAM. RAM not in tight.

Virus/Worm Problem.(Run Antiviral programs;Change out bootable HD with completely new one)

Power Stability. Is the Computer on a surge protector? Are too many devices connected to the computer?
Broken Power cord.
Enable BIOS power support.

Unsupported hardware/hardware compability issues(update drivers or BIOS). PCI cards causing conflicts.

Scheduled tasks.

Dirt on or damage of CPU. (run prime95)


reseat your RAM. Pull it out, stick it back in.

Better yet, if you can get your hands on an extra stick of RAM swap it out.