Condemned 2


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Looks a lot more interesting than the original which was a decent game in its own right.



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Silent Hill - Shitty ghost town + F.E.A.R. - Action heavy slow-mo shit = Condemned...

I can't stand games like this, freaks me the fuck out. Looks good though.


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Looks more dark, violent, and disturbing than the original - which is great, because the original Condemned is one of the creepiest games I've ever played.

Not crazy about the new voice actor for Ethan, but that'll probably be a minor flaw. Coolest new feature about this game: Multiplayer has been added. Get ready for HOBO FIGHT CLUB.


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I really enjoy melee combat if its done properly and the original game did an awesome job of making it feel like your were really smashing junkies with an electrical conduit.

I always fantasized about making a mod where you could quickly import a skin of someone you hate....maybe a boss....maybe your wife....etc and beat the living shit out of them. Maybe import some sounds as well.