Congrats Gregg "Opie" and Lynsi Hughes on their new daughter!


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Congrats to Hudson for the arrival of his li'l sister, Harlem! (going with another river name, Right Op?)


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Congrats to Opie and Lynsi. Best wishes for you and Annandale. :D

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
Grats Gregg. Bummer about the whole 'Parent later in life' thing.


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Annandale? Sounds like the name of a development.

Oh yeah, congrats!


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Congrats to Op and Lynsi.
Good luck bro to lil Hudson.
Sisters can be a pain in the ass.


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Congrats to Opie on another kid!

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
He's a hair from 50? so the kid is 10 and he's 60ish? I don't see many 60 year olds tearing around being active with their kid. not to mention the whole 'Yeah my Dad died when I was young.' thing.
I always thought it was strange congratulating people who don't come to the board, but I wish Opie and his family well.


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A big congratulations to the Opester and his wife!