Congrats Opie & Lindsay !!!

Congrats Op!

Erock and Hero, both getting married.


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From someone who is 17 days away from losing my freedom...congrats Opie!!!

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So glad I snapped a picture of the Pad Data with my shitty phone :action-sm

edit: goddamnit, it's out of focus! :arrrh:


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Congrats Opie Best Of Luck!!!!!!!!!!


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I hope he got an iron clad prenup.


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Congrats Op and E.....I have been happily married for 14 years so it can work...all the sappy cliches are true communication is key...


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Your wife's box.



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Good for you Op...


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congrats opie! maybe you can have the ceremony on lindsays 18th birthday and make it a combo celebration!

seriously - congrats man. marriage is a good thing no matter what your pal Hitler junior says.
Good work Op.... Now all you have to do is wait 2 more years until shes 18, which should be a good time buffer to see if it will really work.


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Good luck Opie. A wife, a family. Definitely not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Congrats!!!:clap:


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Congrats to the happy couple. It's a good thing Opie liquored the parents up to sign the permission slip.


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Congrats to you and Lindsay.
May you have many happy years together.


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congrats op, you're a fancy man, and as such we expect to hear how much you spend on your wedding from E News