Congrats To Dave and Casey!!


To my Friends!!! To My Friends!!!
Congrats Dave!

They are having a baby!


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congrats budday!!! congrats to Casey as well!
Wow our kids might look very similar. The hotness on the mothers side and a pale red headed disaster on the fathers side. Congrats though!!!


I put the baby in babyfuck
congrats casey and dave .... best of luck

Can one of the mods change the title to Dave and Casey

Also people as much as some of you might not enjoy "on air" dave ... hes a great person and they both deserve happiness in real life, please keep this thread postive ....
When does wackbag start the thread speculating this is a hoax?

Congrats Dave and Casey!


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Congratulations to you both! That is awesome news. It doesn't matter if you raise the child to be Catholic or Jewish, but please choose to raise him/her as a Yankee fan.

And for the non well wishers, please keep it to yourselves and seperate the radio from reality. Lets not allow this thread to turn retarded.


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Wait... I thought the whole marriage thing was a bit......

will they start picking out red-headed babies out of central casting???


I suggest you tread lightly
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Congrats Dave and Casey.

And may your first child be a masculine child.

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Congrats! I want to be there for the day Dave explains what his Wackbag tattoo means to his kid.

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I guess the world needed a previously homeless person to continue his bloodlines.


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its either going to be a little beautiful baby, or a hideous fucking chud. congratulations either way dave and casey!


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I guess the world needed a previously homeless person to continue his bloodlines.
Dave is reason enough to give one pause and think, you know, maybe all of that eugenics stuff had something to it.


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This could be a...

You know what, nevermind, congrats and best wishes