Considering a Championship Format to Replace the B.C.S.

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My suggestion...
Have all the SEC schools play a home/home round robin. Best record at the end is Champ.


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Whatever. I don't think this will have a good end result, but if the schools choose this route, that's on their heads.

It comes down to NCAA control. I don't think this format will have NCAA control, but it will when (not if) it expands to 8 or more teams.

I think an impetus is the shitty attendance at bowl games. Well, that's what happens when the economy is shit. Bowl travel is vacation travel. It's going to be shitty in a bad economy.

This isn't going to fix that. This is likely to be a Plus-One situation, with the first round games being at BCS bowl sites. Good luck with that. How many people do you know who can travel to, for instance, New Orleans and then Pasadena on back-to-back weeks, with the second trip on one week's notice?

This might get interesting to observe.

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