Continental is pulling its name off Jersey Meadowlands arena


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With the Devils gone and the Nets leaving, the arena where the teams played is looking for a new name.

Continental Airlines today said it has opted out of its $1.3 million-per-year deal to have its name on the arena in East Rutherford. The Meadowlands building has been called Continental Airlines Arena for 12 years.

"The purpose of our sponsorship was to gain exposure to major league sports fans because they are also our target market," Continental Airlines spokesman Dave Messing said. "With the absence of major league sports in the Arena, the sponsorship was no longer aligned with our marketing goals."

Continental will keep its name on the arena until the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority makes a deal with another company, officials said. The New Jersey Nets hope that will be accomplished by Oct. 31, when the team tips off its 2007-08 season at the arena.

The sports authority's executive director, George Zoffinger, said four sponsors already have said they were interested in buying the naming rights at prices higher than what Continental was paying. The agency has asked interested parties to submit their bids by Sept. 24.

"The governor wanted us to go out for proposals because we had so much interest," Zoffinger said today. "I guarantee we have the makings of a deal. The important thing is we're going to end up making more money from this."


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What kind of events are they going to host now that both teams are leaving ? WWE and Sesame Street Live ?


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Build a Natatorium, Velodrome, and Track So NYC can hold the Olympics


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Time for Giants Stadium to retire as well.
Amen to that! It's bad enough that one of the most storied franchises in the NFL has to share a stadium, but it has to be obsolete and mediocre on top of it!

If the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals have state of the art stadiums, then I feel the Giants and Jets should too.

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Theyre building a new stadium, no ? stadium is theoretically slated to open in 2010...the construction all around the Meadowlands are Xanadu & the new stadium.

Both the Jets & Giants will be playing there again :icon_roll :yuck2:, yet this time it won't be called Giants Stadium...instead this time it'll be corporately sponsored


I have to return some videotapes!
Now that I re-read my post, I should have noted they were building the new stadium for 2010.

Now if they'd only make Rte 3 three lanes wider on each side and add about another 50 toll booths at Exit 16W on the Turnpike...


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Honestly ? They should have called it Bob Murphy Stadium (and Im not even a Mets fan).

But of course that shit wasnt gonna happen...