Contra 4: The Game That Kicks You In Your Balls and Laughs - No Subtitle Edition


Hackmaster Jones Sr.
Does anyone have Contra 4 for the DS yet?

I just bought it yesterday and have spent about 4 hours getting my ass handed to me on "normal" mode.

The game takes classic Contra and then puts it on two screens and gives you a few new moves. This really takes the series back to when it was hardcore. (It's got cooperative play to boot if you know someone else who owns it.)

There's tons of bonus content to be unlocked as well; from the series history, comics, dev interviews and there's even a Challenge mode where you have to get past parts of levels without shooting. Best of all it features Contra 1 and Super C as unlockables...though I haven't actually gotten there yet.

I'll let you know when I get past Level 3.

Be warned. This is definitely not one for those who rely on quicksave to survive. If you die you start over at the beginning of the level or the last checkpoint. If you lose all your continues then fuck you. Start back at Level 1.

The Konami code works on the pause screen...if you're a pussy. :action-sm


You can go fuck.
I'll gank someones ds for a few days to play this.
I could never beat contra. any of them, Ever! I always had to use damn cheat codes just to beat the damn game.
I haven't had much time with it but so far I can only make it to the end of stage 2. They need to bring back this difficulty for all games.