Controversy brews over 'hotness' contest at Newberg High


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An online beauty contest created by teenage boys is causing a controversy at Newberg High School, but the school can't do much to stop it.

It's called May Madness, a bracket contest that ranks high school girls on their level of "hotness." Some parents are outraged.

"If you're not on the list it probably wouldn't make you feel very good," said parent Melanie Lammers.

The bracket list names 32 female students and ranks them by their looks. The contest is being run from an anonymous Twitter account linked to a website where other students can vote contestants through to the next round.

One tweet from the account reads: "Ladies on the bracket! Be lookin your finest for the next couple weeks if you wanna get more votes!"

The contest's website warns it's just for fun and asks people not to take it personally.

But one former student tweeted back: "This is absolutely disgusting. Girls already have image/self-esteem problems ... way to amplify that."

"I don't think it's a good idea," said Lammers, who also thinks the Twitter account should be deleted. "I think girls have self-esteem problems as it is and I think that would not help it."

The district sent us a statement saying, "The principal has talked with students requesting the site be deleted. Appeals to students believed to be responsible have not been successful. Because this is a personal twitter account is has no relation to the school, the high school has no ability to remove it."

This type of contest is nothing new. May Madness has been a tradition for the past five years at Issaquah High School in Washington. That school hasn't been able to stop it either.

"It's not that big of a deal," said Glen Shafer, a student at Newberg High.

He told FOX 12 that some students think May Madness is being blown out of proportion, and some girls on the list think it's a big waste of time.

"I know a girl who was on the list and not ranked and she doesn't care," Shafer said.

The principal said he is getting close to figuring out which students created the contest.

Even though the contest is online, he said the students responsible could still face disciplinary action from the school since he feels the contest is creating a disturbance inside the classroom.

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How dare a group of teenage boys discuss which girls in their school they think are the hottest.

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So put it all over the local news instead of just letting the contest run its course. That'll help.


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I hope that girl sues the hell out of the news station for misrepresenting her statement like that.


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But one former student tweeted back: "This is absolutely disgusting. Girls already have image/self-esteem problems ... way to amplify that."

This was obviously from a fat chick who secretly wishes she was part of the list.

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That's great. Those kids (boys and girls) are trashing the shit out of the media. A different article even deliberately misquoted a girl to make it sound like she was starving herself for the contest:
Not only that, but the media makes it seem like the girls pics are up there too. It's just the names.


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Who else voted?
There aren't any pictures so I voted based on how white their names sounded


A few guys set up a table between the cafeteria and hallway between buildings in HS, they displayed numbers (1 through 10, Olympic style) for each girl that passed by.

The fatsos walked outside to bypass the table, in the dead of winter.

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Brittany C beat out Kassie G? But I voted for Brittany like 200 times! This shit is rigged.


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If it pleases and sparkles, I'd like to start the vote on the semifinal bracket.