Conversation at a Gay Wedding


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Father 1: Your son is the bride.

Father 2: No, your son is the bride.


There's always time for lubricant
I now pronounce you top and bottom.


I'm on da Zoloft..........
Can I push your stool in for ya:action-sm

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Yo, homie. Is that my briefcase?
Fuck. Cant use the car crash picture because the site blocked hotlinking....

Instead, since were discussing gayness, you guys can go here.

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Who is Steve's father? Father 1 or Father 2?
my gay buddy was worried to come out to his parents. He said he was gonna take a real butch guy that way it would make things easier. I told him to do the opposite. I told him to take a really effeminate guy home that way he at least gives his dad the satisfaction of thinking his son is the man in the relationship.

Great advice, indeed. :clap: