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Is it dangerous to delete cookies? I heard they slow your computer down , so I want to delete them.

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No its not dangerous. Its actually recommended from time to time. Cookies are just little bits of info that get saved in your computer each time you go to website and helps it down download faster. Cookies can take up alot of space after awhile and i usually erase them once a week and do a full maintence on my computer.

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I speak the human language
Thanks Jay, I really appreciate it, I have been dying to get rid of all of these things. My computer has never been so slow, and I think that is why. Thanks alot bro.
Hey no problem Mav. You are correct also that is exactly why your computer is slow.


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The more practical way to increase the speed of your computer is to "Scan Disk" and then "Defragment"(Disk Defragmenter) it. These programs are located in system tools and both take time to work properly.
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Yes I know, I haven't done that in months. I never have the patience. I will definetely do that tomorrow morning before I leave for work. That would be the best time. Or even before I go to bed. Thanks for the reminder Sonof SPazz. That totally slipped my mind.