Cool Alarm Clock - Donates money to your least fav charity if you hit snooze


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Connects via WiFi to your online bank account, and donates YOUR real money to an organization you HATE when you decide to snooze!
I snooze on average 4 times every weekday morning. My husband is annoyed enough when he is trying to sleep and the alarm keeps going off with I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate donating $40 a day to the NAACP on top of it.


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Why would you buy something that does something bad to you?

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Is the default charity the United Negro College Fund?

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Why would you buy something that does something bad to you?
It doesn't do something bad for you, it motivates you to make up instead of hitting snooze.

I made it a habit of making my feet hit the ground instead of hitting snooze. It makes waking up a lot easier. Snooze is evil.


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I would set it to donate to my favorite charity. I hit snooze so often that the financial loss on my part would motivate my ass out of bed.


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This is a funny idea on paper - however, I would NEVER give some piece of hardware my banking info!! :icon_eek:

I bet there's a *ton* of security and hardened, completely exploit-free code running this device... :icon_roll
That is pretty cool, but how does it know your least fav charity


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btw, this device isn't real; it's an April Fool's joke