cool site

im new here and everything, just started listening to the show, i moved here a little while ago

everyone here seems real nice


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Well yeah!! Welcome aboard. Remember your a member and don't be a tool. Just alittle reminder angel. ;) bye now

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Welcome Aboard!!! Glad to meet you.

Listen just one more thing you have a very interesting e-mail address. How did you come up with that? I know who you are!!! If your not who i know you are then your pretending to be someone that i know.

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OK I feel very stoopit....because I know who snapper is now and I don't think that she belongs here!

What You Say?

hey snapper, remember this:

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this is the message that popped up when i was going to resign from wackbag when i told stingray to fuck off

i guess he didnt like me standing up for myself for once and i didnt even get to say what i wanted to say and what i wanted everyone else to see

i guess mr stingray was scared of something
i dont give a shit right now because i was going to tell him to fuck off anyway

i have never said ne thing for this whole time because i knew i was going to be banned and get my MODSHIP taken away, but iwas scared, why because he gave me a chance...
but i realized today that i need to stand up for what i belive is right so i said something and he didnt like it

i dont need to be associated with people like that anyway...banned before i said DICK on your board about it you fucking cock smoking wife beater

i have much more to say and i dont know how to say it but below is what i was going to say on CANDLAND before i was even given the chance

well i have been sitting back all this time being very very very very neutral

i havent said a word on either site about this whole fight the two boards are having and were having before,
i have always been two sided when the two boards got in a fight

im the only person to just sit and not voice what they thought, but now i am coming out with all i think that has been inside me for a pretty long time

i dont know how you all think of me but it cant be good since i am on the other board after all...
you all talk bout the other board so bad here and that i take offense to since i do belong

and when people said shit bout here i do take offense too because i belong here...
i will admit this site has saved most of out tails,we all used the chat room etc etc

but now i am finally taking a stand, choosing a side as you will...
im sure you all dont want a member here, especially one that is a mod so i am saying this........

you have given me an opporunity to become a mod, the other place did not and for that i am thankful for that...i know i will not get another chance but im doing what is right for me and for your website...i know you prolly want me to do this anyway...

in the words of my mentor i am saying this:
just take everything away from me right now
im choosing the other fucking site, thats my home, always has always will be
its been great, but this is only the right thing to do

please dont edit or delete this post until everyone has seen it, i think that is only fair since everyone else got a fair shot