Copperfield's Vegas Warehouse Raided By FBI. **** Charges may also be involved


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Jan 26, 2005
FBI agents have seized almost $2 million in cash in a raid on a warehouse owned by magician David Copperfield, following an investigation in Washington. Federal agents from Seattle raided Copperfield's Las Vegas warehouse on Wednesday.

A computer hard drive and a memory card from a digital camera were also seized during the raid.

Robbie Burroughs, spokeswoman for the Seattle division of the FBI, confirmed out-of-state officers travelled to Nevada after a tip-off, but refused to state the reason behind the raid.

She says, "The only thing we're confirming right now is that there was some investigative activity in the Las Vegas area (on Wednesday) connected with a Seattle-area case, both of which are pending."

Copperfield's lawyer, David Chesnoff, says, "We understand there is an investigation, (we) are in touch with the investigators, and are respecting the confidentiality of the investigation."

Forbes magazine claims the warehouse, located in an industrial section of the city, is rarely seen by anybody other than magic scholars. According to the U.S. magazine, the storage place contains "an Ali Baba's trove of sports cars, vintage automatons, gargoyle heads, gadgetry and an electric chair", as well as 80,000 books, illusions, posters and memorabilia.

2nd Story

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Law enforcement authorities have been in contact with David Copperfield and the FBI has conducted an investigation in Las Vegas where the magician has held regular shows, his lawyer and FBI spokespeople confirmed Thursday.

Local station KLAS-TV reported that an FBI raid with 12 agents took place Wednesday at Copperfield's warehouse, where he apparently stores tricks and memorabilia from around the world. He has called the location the International Museum & Library of the Conjuring Arts.

Copperfield's Las Vegas attorney, David Chesnoff, told FOX News that possible sexual abuse claims against the illusionist were false.

"If in fact those are the allegations, unfortunately false allegations are all too often made against famous individuals," said Chesnoff. "But we are confident the investigation will conclude favorably."

"We are in touch with the investigators, and are respecting the confidentiality of the investigation," he said.

"I can say that there was investigative activity yesterday and yesterday evening in Las Vegas," said Seattle FBI Special Agent Robbie Burroughs, without specifying exactly where the activity took place or who it involved, on Thursday.

"The investigation is related to a Seattle case. The Seattle case is pending and that means we can't say anything about it."

FBI Special Agent David Staretz, spokesman for the Las Vegas office, said, "I can confirm that there's investigative activity at the warehouse."

He would not give further details.

KLAS-TV reported that the agents seized a computer hard drive, digital camera system, and nearly $2 million in cash, citing an anonymous source close to the raid.

Copperfield has been a longtime performer at the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand casino-hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, where he has performed in six-to-eight week stints several times a year, said MGM Mirage Inc. spokeswoman Yvette Monet.

On Wednesday night, Copperfield performed two regularly scheduled shows, which were at the end of his most recent run, she said, adding he was next scheduled to perform in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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Jan 9, 2006
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Jan 26, 2005
Copperfield's Lawyer Denies Sex Assault Claim
Posted: Sunday, 21 October 2007 5:54PM

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Days after FBI agents searched a Las Vegas warehouse belonging to David Copperfield and a casino theater where the magician regularly performs, his lawyer rebutted an allegation that Copperfield ``forced himself'' on a woman.

``An unidentified woman has made serious allegations against David Copperfield,'' said Friday in a statement.

``It is important these allegations be put into perspective,'' Chesnoff said. ``Although authorities have not revealed her identity to us, we know these allegations are false because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone.''

Neither Chesnoff nor law enforcement officials would provide details about the allegation or the warehouse search.

Seattle FBI agent Robbie Burroughs said Thursday that the Las Vegas investigation was part of a Seattle case.

``The Seattle case is pending and that means we can't say anything about it,'' Burroughs said.

FBI agents on Wednesday searched the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand casino-hotel, where Copperfield regularly performs, casino spokeswoman Yvette Monet told The Associated Press.

Agents also conducted ``investigative activity'' at a warehouse where Copperfield stores tricks and memorabilia, dubbed the International Museum & Library of Conjuring Arts, FBI agent David Staretz said.

Copperfield, 51, has been a longtime performer at the MGM Grand, where he has performed in six- to eight-week stints several times a year, Monet said.

Copperfield performed two shows Wednesday night, which were at the end of his most recent run, Monet said. Copperfield was next scheduled to perform in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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Jan 26, 2005
David Copperfield is still around?
Yea exactly.
That's why the story is interesting to me, how is this guy worth north of $100 million.
If that's the case Penn and Teller should be worth $1 billion each as good as they are.


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Jan 26, 2005
Copperfield's Magic Tour Goes Poof

Mon, 22 Oct 2007

With the feds on his case, David Copperfield just made his upcoming tour disappear.

The master illusionist scrapped a series of engagements in Southeast Asia as the FBI investigates allegations he sexually assaulted an unidentified Seattle woman.

According to Thailand promoter RSI Dream Entertainment, Copperfield's management sent an email Sunday announcing that all dates would be indefinitely postponed.

Copperfield also called off shows in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ariannna Teoh, director of Arianna Event Management, the Kuala Lumpur-based promoter that booked Copperfield for two shows in the Malaysian capital on Oct. 30 and 31, claimed the trickster opted to stay to "help in the investigations."

"Copperfield is not prevented from leaving the United States, but he needs time to get to the bottom of things," Teoh is quoted in the local Star newspaper.

Meanwhile, an Indonesian promoter told reporters he hopes Copperfield will either reschedule the nixed shows or compensate organizers for marketing expenses.

But the magic man's lawyer claims the cancellations had nothing to do with the investigation and the timing was purely coincidental. Instead, David Chesnoff claims that the Asian promoters had defaulted on their contracts and Copperfield had no choice but to pull the plug.

Whatever the reason, the 51-year-old Copperfield remains in the U.S. following last Wednesday's FBI search of his sprawling Las Vegas warehouse and a theater at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino where he regularly performs. Copperfield had just performed two shows at the resort prior to the FBI raid.

While Copperfield has yet to publicly address the investigation, Chesnoff has denied any wrongdoing by his client.

"An unidentified woman has made serious allegations against David Copperfield," Chesnoff said in a statement. "It is important these allegations be put into perspective. Although authorities have not revealed her identity to us, we know these allegations are false, because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone.

"Unfortunately false allegations are all too often made against famous individuals. But we are confident the investigation will conclude favorably."

The FBI executed search warrants for the showman's storage facility, which he has dubbed the International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts. Agents seized a computer hard drive, digital camera and nearly $2 million in cash from the building, which houses various trick apparatuses, gadgets, props and Copperfield's vast collection of memorabilia, and doubles as his office.

Copperfield's accuser claimed the sexual misconduct occurred in July in the Bahamas, but she didn't file her complaint until she returned to the States, prompting the FBI to investigate.

The bureau's Seattle office has declined to comment on the specifics of the case.


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Jan 26, 2005
Property Owner Sued Copperfield Over Sale of Island Where Alleged **** Occurred

As David Copperfield faces allegations of sexual assault, there are some who would argue that "Copperfield the Conjurer" is also a con — that the world-famous illusionist sank to playing dirty tricks in order to buy the super-exclusive Bahamian island where the alleged **** occurred.

That was the claim from Blockbuster Video co-founder John Melk, who once owned the property known as Musha Cay and says he was duped into selling it to Copperfield.

Melk sued Copperfield in 2004 for fraud. In federal court documents filed in Nevada, an angered Melk accused the world's 13th highest paid performer of identity illusion in his quest to buy the gorgeous resort visited by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Faith Hill and John Travolta.

Court papers reveal that in 1995, Melk purchased the Bahamian paradise and put his heart, soul and finances ($55 million) into developing the property.

In 2002, Melk decided to sell Musha Cay, but he insisted that any potential buyer have adequate cash and experience in managing a luxury resort.

The lawsuit states that in October 2002, representatives for Copperfield expressed interest in Musha Cay. But not only was Melk concerned about Copperfield's financial ability to develop the property and maintain its superior quality, he thought the magic man lacked the experience to manage the resort. And then there were the rumors ...

FBI Raids Magician David Copperfield's Las Vegas Warehouse In the federal legal papers filed by Melk, it states, "he (Copperfield) has been the subject of numerous rumors concerning his personal lifestyle and relationships, the collapse of a restaurant called "Magic Underground," and his alleged ties with the Russian Mafia. Mr. Copperfield denies some, but not all, of these rumors. These rumors or allegations whether or not true, caused Plaintiffs significant concern, as their mere existence could have an adverse impact on the operations of Musha Cay."

According to a 2005 article in the Chicago Sun Times, Copperfield decided to handle rumor control on his own, through his Web site.

Copperfield said he "can't deny" that the Russian mob once held his professional equipment hostage. He denied claims that he is gay. (Copperfield once sued Paris Match Magazine for insinuating that his relationship with supermodel Claudia Schiffer was a "set-up" in order to maintain the appearance that he is straight. Copperfield claims he won that legal battle.)

His efforts to buy Musha Cay, however, were not so victorious. In a desperate attempt to secure the island, Copperfield even solicited the help of rock musician Lenny Kravitz, who is related to the former prime minister of the Bahamas.

Court documents reveal that Copperfield asked Kravitz to "speak to the prime minister," and pleaded with the rock star to keep his involvement secret. "It is imperative that it remains secret until the deal is signed," Copperfield wrote.

Ultimately, Melk stated that he was willing to allow Copperfield to be an investor in the property — but with no right to manage it. Copperfield declined. And here's where the alleged trickery begins.

In December 2002, partners in a firm called Island Group of Companies Ltd. made an offer to buy Musha Cay. According to court filings, an attorney for IGC claimed he represented only the interests of the company's partners, Christian Jagodzinski and Michael Gleisner.

IGC proved through financial records that it had luxury resort management experience in Fiji, and Melk determined the firm had sufficient finances based on records provided by Morgan Stanley.

On Dec. 9, 2003, ICG and Melk made a deal for Musha Cay. About a week later, Melk received a call. It was the grand illusionist telling Melk that it was he — not Jagodzinski and Gleisner — who had purchased the resort. Melk was stunned.

According to the federal documents, Copperfield then sent a letter to Melk.

"As I stated to you on the telephone, I am currently the owner of Imagine Nation Company, the entity to acquire Musha Cay," writes Copperfield.

Copperfield told Melk that the acquisition of Musha Cay had been a "strawman" purchase … a transaction in which the identity of the purchaser is deliberately concealed.

In his federal lawsuit, Melk said he never would have sold the property if the true identity of the buyer, Copperfield, had not been concealed. He accused Copperfield of fraud and argued that "strawman" purchases were illegal in both the Bahamas and Nevada. Copperfield in turn argued that Melk simply suffered from seller's remorse.

Melk sued in 2004, but the case wasn't settled until 2006. The terms of the settlement are undisclosed, and calls to the lawyers involved have not been returned.

Now the magic man is being accused of **** — on the very Bahamian property Copperfield so desperately wanted to own. The incident allegedly happened in June, and the accuser did not file a police report on the island, but in Seattle. The case is now being investigated by the FBI, which raided Copperfield's private warehouse in Nevada. Reps for Copperfield emphatically deny he's involved in any wrongdoing.

He made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Now for his next trick? It will take pure fact and great lawyers to conjure Copperfield out of this mess.


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Jan 26, 2005
Grand jury investigates Copperfield allegations

A Seattle federal grand jury is investigating allegations by an aspiring model from Washington who said she was *****, assaulted and threatened by magician David Copperfield at his private island in the Bahamas in July, at least three federal law-enforcement officials have confirmed.

The Washington woman has told law enforcement that she and her family were approached at a Jan. 25 performance in the Tri-Cities area by a member of Copperfield's entourage almost as soon as they entered the auditorium. They were led to special seats, and Copperfield selected the woman to come on stage as part of his act, the federal sources said.

Sources confirmed that the woman told investigators Copperfield later promised he could help with her modeling career and invited her to his isolated $50 million private retreat at Musha Cay, in a tiny string of white-sand islands 85 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas.

She told investigators Copperfield assured her that there would be other guests at the 150-acre resort, which is restricted to a maximum of 24 guests and rents for up to $50,000 a night. From Nassau, the retreat is accessible only by charter plane and then private boat.

When the woman, 21, made the trip in late July -- after exchanging e-mails with Copperfield, 51 -- she found herself the only guest on the island with him, she told investigators. She has told Seattle police, and later the FBI, that Copperfield ***** and struck her during her two days on the island, said sources familiar with her allegations.

She said that, afterward, Copperfield threatened her, telling her she'd better keep quiet, and then escorted her onto a plane, sources said.

Copperfield's attorney, David Chesnoff of Las Vegas, reiterated Friday that "Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone."

After leaving Nassau, the woman flew to Florida and then Seattle, where she told her family what happened and went to the Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress, sources said. A **** kit was assembled, and a federal source has confirmed that some of her clothing was taken into evidence.

The woman also reported the matter to Seattle police, who said a report was taken but will not release it. Federal sources and others said the woman was told that the department had no jurisdiction to investigate a crime that occurred in another country, and that the department took no other action.

The woman then went to the U.S. Attorney's Office, which asked the FBI to investigate. The woman and her family live in Washington and, because her trip began and ended in the U.S. -- even though the alleged crime occurred elsewhere -- federal agents have claimed jurisdiction in the case.

Emily Langlie, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, said the office would not comment. Two of the office's top prosecutors have been assigned to oversee the investigation and evidence is being presented to a grand jury, according to law-enforcement sources. No indictment or criminal charges have been filed.

Chesnoff, Copperfield's attorney, said Friday he could not comment on the allegations.

"We have said we are going to honor the confidentiality of the investigation," he said, adding that he was disappointed that some in law enforcement have chosen not to do the same. "Apparently [they] don't have the same respect for the law, and it casts doubt on the integrity of this investigation."

The Seattle office of the FBI, which is heading the investigation, raided Copperfield's property warehouse and magic museum in Las Vegas last week. The search warrant remains sealed.


Sep 15, 2004
How can the FBI claim jurisdiction for a crime committed on another's country's soil? "whaa"
Mar 2, 2005
hes american , he owns the land. same as american pedos goin to bangkok, the fbi knows who goes there.

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How the mighty have fallen. This dude had Claudia Schiffer, and now he's gotta resort to this kind of thing with chicks from the audience?


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Feb 11, 2006
Washington D.C.
This story doesn't surprise me. I mean, I have no idea whether he sexually assaulted anyone or not, but there's been stories for years, like, since back when I was in high school, about him being just creepy around women, in particular women who attended his shows.


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Jan 26, 2005
Leak Complicates Copperfield Case

Grand Jury Information Made Public; Experts Say It Ruins Copperfield's Reputation

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2007

(CBS) David Copperfield's lawyer is blaming federal officials following the controversial release of insider grand jury information.

The Seattle Times says a 21-year-old Washington State woman told authorities the 51-year-old Copperfield ***** her over the course of two days at his exclusive 150-acre Bahamas resort.

She also contends he struck her, and then threatened her before putting her onto a plane.

Copperfield's lawyer David Chesnoff said in a statement, "This not only unfairly and falsely defames my client, but it undermines the integrity of the entire investigation."

"I think this leak is unfortunate and I think it is shocking because it came from, according to the report, no less than three law enforcement sources," legal analyst Rikki Klieman told CBS correspondent Jeff Glor.

The Early Show legal analyst Mickey Sherman said the system simply broke down and Copperfield's attorney is justified in his outrage. Leaking information like this ruins the entire legal process, he said.

"It poisons the jury pool," he told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. "And for David Copperfield, who is an internationally known entertainer, it totally destroys his reputation without him having been charged ... The sliming is irrevocable because it's impossible to get that reputation back."

The report says the accuser told investigators she and her family were approached by a member of Copperfield's entourage at a January performance on the West Coast. They were given special seats and she was selected to come on stage.

She said Copperfield later told her he could help with her modeling career and that she should come to his secluded retreat. She agreed but when she returned home, she says she was examined at a sexual assault center and filed a police report.

"David Copperfield is in a very difficult position here," Klieman said. "He's rendered impotent; no pun intended."

A week and a half ago the FBI searched Copperfield's warehouse and a casino hotel in Las Vegas, taking a digital camera and computer hard drive. Copperfield has not been charged with a crime, and Chesnoff says his client never forced himself on anyone.

Sherman said if he were Copperfield's attorney, he would advise him to speak up and defend himself, because now that the leak has occurred, every part of the accuser's story will be called into question, especially the fact that she didn't make a complaint until arriving home in Seattle.

"He is a public figure," Sherman said. "He is a communicator, an entertain entertainer, in front of thousands of people a day. Even though it's not the legally correct thing to do, he should say I'm getting screwed here."


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Jan 26, 2005
The sex scandal swirling around illusionist DAVID COPPERFIELD has taken a new twist - a Las Vegas performer has come forward with claims the magic man tried to force her to have sex. Copperfield is currently under investigation for allegedly ****** a Seattle, Washington woman in the Bahamas. And now former Sin City showgirl-turned-escape artist Shedini has gone public with claims she was "attacked" by Copperfield 16 years ago, when what she thought was a job interview turned into a sexual encounter. In an exclusive interview with America's the Globe, Shedini says, "David Copperfield sexually assaulted me... I was young, I was naive." The former showgirl reveals Copperfield lured her to his hotel suite with the promise of a job offer - and she didn't think anything of the late-night encounter because she was convinced the illusionist was gay. Shedini recalls being "grossed out" when the magician tried to force her to have sex with him. She adds, "I felt his powerful hands grab my arms from behind. He turned me around, pushed me to the wall and held me there, kissing me and sticking his tongue down my throat." Shedini eventually fought him off and fled. The publication links Shedini's story with that of the 21-year-old Seattle woman, who flew to the Bahamas to meet with Copperfield after he promised to help her with her modelling career. According to the FBI investigation, the unnamed woman found herself alone in Copperfield's estate when she arrived in the Bahamas and reportedly found herself at the mercy of lusty Copperfield. The illusionist's lawyer, David Handoff, insists his client will be found innocent of the **** charges against him - and he insists Shedini's story is also untrue. He says, "David Copperfield has never struck, forced himself or threatened any woman. If some woman told anyone that he did, then she is not being truthful."


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Jan 26, 2005
INSIDE EDITION: David Copperfield and his Female Audience Members

He's the world's most famous magician, but is there more to David Copperfield's act than meets the eye? Karina Halle tells INSIDE EDITION that the famed magician put his arm around her, then, according to Halle, "he whispered in my ear and said, grab my butt.'" A second young woman, Amanda Heidl says, "I do think that David Copperfield uses his show to pick up women."

The two gorgeous blondes both say Copperfield came-on to them during his act. Heidl tells INSIDE EDITION cameras that Copperfield was "very creepy." Both women say Copperfield's staff singled them out as soon as soon as they sat down in the audience.

Heidl thinks it may have something to do with the very short little black dress she was wearing on a night out with her husband in Las Vegas. "It was just very strange. Throughout the whole show he eyed me a lot. After I was on stage...he just creeped me out."

Heidl attended Copperfield's show just five days before the FBI raided his Las Vegas warehouse, after a woman who says she met Copperfield during his magic act, claimed she was ***** on the magician's private island in the Bahamas. Copperfield has not been charged and says he's done nothing wrong.

The magician has been known to date women he met during his shows. In 1993, he invited supermodel Claudia Schiffer onstage for a trick and just months later they were engaged. The couple stayed together for six years before splitting in 1999.

From the two women INSIDE EDITION spoke with, it appears that Copperfield may still prefer blondes. Both women say he asked them onstage to take part in a sexually-charged magic trick. That's when Karina Halle says Copperfield whispered a strange question in her ear.

"He very clearly asked me on stage who I came with, and I thought that was an odd question to ask, like why does it matter who I came with?"

Heidl says Copperfield's assistants took her to the side and told her the magician wanted to meet her after the show, but strangely, they wouldn't let her husband come backstage with her. "I thought that was very strange. If this was a 'meet and greet' why wouldn't he want to meet my husband also?" Heidl's husband says, "We left there wondering, what just happened? I know he's an illusionist, but what was that!?"

Heidl says her 'meet and greet' was cut short when an assistant told Copperfield she was married. As for Heidl's husband, he can't understand why someone like David Copperfield would resort to such strange tactics to pick up women.


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Jan 26, 2005
David Copperfield, The Man inside the Myth
November 2, 2007

To Know

To Will

To Dare

To keep Silence....

Such are the four words of the Magician.

Webster's defines Illusion as- A misleading perception of reality.

Hence David Copperfield, He is known as the greatest magician/illusionist of our time. He creates his illusions as fast as he shows them and his art has and always will require the whole man.

::Getting His Feet Wet::

He has performed his heart-stopping, mind bending illusions in front of more then six hundred million people around the world and the more his audiences struggle to understand, the more confused about how he does it they become. Maybe the key to understanding is not in how he does it, or even try to figure it out, maybe it's in enjoying the pure entertianment of the whole performance. In the following interview you will get a little closer to the man behind the illusions.

It's been said that magicans are a mysterious lot. Although to some a mystery can be irresistible, to most David Copperfield is the most irresistible mystery to come along in quite some time.

Born David Seth Kotkin, on September 16, 1956 in Metuchen, New Jersey. A only child, David admittedly grew up as kind of a loner. He was planning a career as a vintriloquist, but was diverted from that career when he went into a magic shop to purchase a vintriloquial figure. He began taking magic lessons, learned quickly and says, "when I did magic I suddenly got a lot of warmth and attention, and I needed something that made me feel special".

David soon changed his name to Copperfield oin the advice of a friend, who told him it would look better on a marquee. While still in his early teens, David was performing professionally and in 1968 was the youngest magician/illusionist in history to be admitted into the Society of American Magicians.

Then in his late teens, while still in high school David taught a course at New York's Fordham University, appropriately entited, "Art In Magic", all his students were of college age. In 1974 David enrolled at Fordham, but his college years were cut short after only three weeks when he was cast as the lead in Chicago's longest running musical/comedy, "the Magic Man", a stage play about the adventues os a magician. David sang, danced, acted and created all the magic preformed in the show, that experience along with his magnetic and charismatic personality has surely helped in his abilty to relate to even the farthest rows.

When "The Magic Man", closed David moved back to New York, were he honed and developed his personal stle of magic. He was soon after chosen to host ABC's "The Magic of ABC, Starring David Copperfield". Therefore indroducing David and his unique style to the world.

::The Music::

Centuries ago when the frist priests of the ancient world raised their voices in chat, they discovered the potent magic of music, and like those anicent magicians, David too combines illusion with music.

With music from bands like Van Halen, Guns-N-Roses, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, U2, Def Leppard, even tamer stuff like Mozart, Harry Belefonte and screen composer Lee Holdridge, David's illusions become much more sensual and romantic, or heart pounding. To his audience David likes to present himself as sensual, romantic and passionate. From the moment he walks on stage, you are drawn into his humor, his movements, his personality and the involvement.

You are drawn into his passion, a passion that is dangerous and well as thrilling, sensual and romantic.

David has refined the art of magic to encompass the romance of live theater with the mystery of his illusions. The presentation is very animated, from the construction of an illusion down to the music and the dance. In the dance, each step is measured, every movement calculated to have the maximum effect on the audience.

David chooses the music for the show, as well as writes, directs and develops everything seen and although others may offer suggestions, the final decision is always David's. He chose, "In the Rhythm of the Heat", by Peter Gabriel for his "Brazilian Water Levitation", in which he levitates an assistant on streams of water, then nothing at all. A couple years ago he chose, "Dreams", by Van Halen for an illusion in which he and his motorcycle disappear from the stage then re-appear in the middle of the audience.

Set to Alannah Myles', "Who loves You", David's version of, "The Vanishing Lady", takes place in an attic. The origial illusion by magician Bauiter De Kolta, in about 1875 was done then with a chair, a lady, a cloth and some newspapers, which were spread under the chair to prove that the lady did not fall through a hatch in the floor. David's version is much more flashy and romantic, still done with a chair, a lady and the cloth, only David put the chair on top of a table, thus enabling the audience to see right under the table and chair as the lady, who was super model Kim Alexis, vanishes on cue. The audience of today is just as amazed as they must have been in 1875.

The "Head Mover", is a huge favorite with the kids, they scream as David cuts the head off an assistant but laugh when he dances with her head then her body, both on opposite ends of the stage. That illusion is done to yet another Peter Gabriel song, "Kiss of Life". The adults favorites are usually the big show stopper illusions, and in 1993 there was one that kept their attention very well. It incorporates the driving sounds of "Mama" by Genesis. David is tied inside a cocoon, hosited off the platfom where David's assistant proceeds to lift what David has named, "The Morphing Cloth" {after the computer generated morphing technique in Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video and "Terminator 2"), over herself and BANG, David has successfully compleated a live morphing, honestly if you blink you miss it.

The music is only part of the illusions, some which take months if not years to create. It may take months just to get an illusion to turn out right. David is always creating, just about every show on the tour could be differant, if he decides to try out a new illusion on the audience. It took him about eight months to learn to fly and took about a year of training for the feat he performed for his fifteenth anniversary special. With that special in mind, there is obviously nothing David is afraid of, as he says, "You have to understand, my whle career is about taking risks and living on the edge, both professionally and physically. Instead of being afraid of challenges, I embrace them".

Contray to what some may believe, David is not obsessed with death, in fact he likes living a lot, it's just that he is obsessed with pushing and challeging himself and says, "If it moves or challenges me, then I'm moved to do it".

::personally Speaking::

The Fifty one year old, never married (but looking), Magician/Illusionist may have eclectic tastes in music but is very specific about the woman who may one day share his life. His musical tastes run the gambit from broadway musicals and movie soundtracks ro rock and roll. Rock and Roll by bands and singers (most of who he uses in his shows), even Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger and Sting, among others. He says the reason he likes them is because they can take a pieces of their life and express it through their music.

David will of course admit to being a frustrated rock and roller as is evident in parts of his show, explaining, "I enjoy sharing and expressing the music I like".

In his personal life David tries to lead as normal a life as possible. His hobbies outside magic are, (but one may assume not limited to) scuba diving, snorkling, going to movies, dancs clubs and exotic places like Bali, Indonesia and Tahiti. David's perfect woman is comprised of a lot of things, She has to have a great sense of humor, not smoke or do drugs. She has to be romantic, a good kisser, like to kiss a lot, dance real close and get a massage.

Being that David is such a Mel Brooks fan, she would have to like the Brooks classics like, "Blazing Saddles", High Anxiety", or "Young Frankenstein". Seeing the latest Brooks film is a certinty, David says, "If she gets all the references, I'm pretty sure everything will work out". That someone special would also have to want to learn a little magic, David says, "Escape tricks mostly, but I'll only show her half the trick".

David loves Beean's gum, he buys it by the case, Turkey, Chicken, Green salads and Micky D's once in a great while. He hates whipped cream, butter, fish and the sound of fingernails being clipped. He describes his bad habits as, biting his fingernails and sometimes over working. For David, marriage is a good idea, but it is a commitment he wants to make very carefully. He wants to make sure it will last longer then three or four years, he wants to have children too and is confident that he'd make a great father.

Although David is specific and honest about the woman he's looking for, he is even more honest about the fact that the woman who shares his life will have to be very understanding about his traveling, after all, the traveling is a big part of his career and it's almost certain he won't be giving it up anytime soon.

::The Magic behind the Magic::

Fame sometimes enables the famous to help people beyond the fantasies they weave in books, motion pictures or in David's case in his magic. The little known magic behind the stage is a non-profit organization which David began in 1982 called, "Project Magic". It is a rehabilitative program which he developed, using simple slight of hand magic to help strengthen dexterity and motor skills in disabled patients. The program is now implemented in 1000 hospitals, in thirty countries around the world.

In Belgium, New Zealand, Iceland, Singapore and recently in Malaysia. David has personal input at the hospitals. While he travels the world he lectures the medical professionals on how they can implement or use the program in conjunction with their own program{s} and David insists that "Project Magic" be his greatest work and says, "There is nothing I do that is more important".

::The Challenges::

With each breeze the ropes seem to burn quicker, as each thread uncoils your breath comes faster, your heart begins to pound the blood rushing through your veins.

The frist rope burns through and for a second your breath is caught then released. David struggles, he strains against the bindings, he has less then two minutes before he plunges to his death.

Hanging ten stories above one hundred flaming steel spikes, bound from his feet to his shoulders, he struggles, his body trying to find any weakness to the bindings.

Suddenly his fingers, then his hand, will he beat the fire?

Still in the strightjacket, the second rope snaps, your heart stops. He is dangling, the rope clinging to one ankle, as he frees himself he takes a deep breath, but knowing hehasn't much time he reaches up and grabs a piece of dangling rope, it breaks, he reaches up again, this time pulling himself up to stand in the loop and begins to swing, reaching for the helpline dangling inches away. As he grabs it and swings free, the weight that was holding him snaps and crashes the ten stories, onto the raging spikes below.

As the preceeding domonstrates, David rarely has the luxury of fear and that fear can be your enemy when there is something you want or need to accomplish.

The most well known Magician/Illusionist of our time has accomplished quite a lot over the years. Among them, he has walked across the great wall of china, levetated himself across the Grand Caynon, he is the only living man known to have escaped from Alcatraz and in what he calls, "One bad career move", he vanished from the Bermuda Triangle.

He has performed for presidents, been named one of the ten best dressed men in america and even mad a big screen apperence in the 1979 Jamie Lee Curtis vehicle, "Terror Train". Some of David's challenges are fun, some are lessons. Like the vanishing of The Statue of Liberty, shich cost David 500,000 dollars and took months of washington red tape befre he finally got permission to perform the illusion. The lesson? The lesson wa in the value of your freedom as Americans.

"Flying, Live your Dreams", was about just that, living your dreams. David responded to his dreams in 1993's tour photo book when he said, "I learned that there were two ways I could live my life. Following my dreams or doing something else". For David dreams aren't a matter of chance but a matter of choice.

Even though he chooses, researches, plans and rehearses his challenges and illusions very carefully that doesn't mean he's never gotten hurt. In 1980 he excaped serious injury when the $60,000 Ferrari he was levitating suddenly fell. Then in 1984, while rehersing his "Escape from Death", while being shackled and handcuffed in a tank of water, he wasn't as lucky. He began taking in water and banging into the sides of the tank. He ended up tearing ligamentsin his leg and was in a wheelchair for two weeks before viewers saw him successfully perform the illusion.

In 1993 David agian excaped serious injury, but that really doesn't mean he didn't get hurt. For four months leading up to that spectacular escape in "Fires of Passion", David had been rehersing a modified, less dangerous version of the escape. He was hurt many times, often on nights he was to perform on stage, he would go out trying to hide a sore leg or back. When David said he'd never be performing that escape again, he wasn't kidding, he won't.

With all the death-defying, sensational and spectacular challenges or illusions David has done over the years the one he did for "Fires of Passions" would be his most dangerous.

David may have proven that in his life, the passion which he holds for his magic, may very well be everything.

::What's Next::

What's next would have to be the question, being that in 1991 David purchased, "The Mulholland Library of Conjuring and The Allied Arts", anything is possible.

The libray includes over 80,000 pieces, Everything from books, some of which dateback to the 16th century, blueprints, scripts, photographs, posters and even letters from Houdini. David purchased the collection our from under the U.S. Library of Congress, (he out bid them) for 2.2 million dollars when the US government put it up for sale to help bail out a failed savings and loan.

This remarkabe collection has never seen the light of public view and a special invite needs to be approved even for the likes of a known magician and will probably never be made available to the novice magician or the curious David has aid only to qualified scholors and researchers. The labor, swaet, tears, joys and dedicated research of decades of magicians now sits in the hands of the world's most famous magician. David has a new responsibility and with the purchase of this library, what's next is cetainly the question.


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Jan 26, 2005
David Copperfield Documents Revealed
Documents from David Copperfield's show detail how to rope in women and leave husbands at bay.

Published: Nov 5, 2007, 5:35 PM EST

David Copperfield had a different way of picking up women. A new secret document obtained by an employee outlines extreme details how to rope in women that the magician found attractive while holding their boyfriends or husbands at bay.

The document called "Show Participation," basically requires the reliable employees to arm themselves with clipboards, a digital camera, brochures of David Copperfield's islands in the Bahamas and a blank photo that's used if one of the women is a "scorpion." The "Scorpion" refers to women David brings onstage as part of his act.

The assistants are asked to keep an eye out for attractive women whom David can meet backstage after the show. The plan of lively action reads, "from time to time, boyfriends and husbands will give us a hard time and refuse to stay. If that is the case, try your best to get them to stay and refer to the What to Say sheet for help." It to boot reads, "On occasion David will have you pull in both scorpions even if he is only interested in one of them, just for comfort."

The employees are asked to sell the women before Copperfield is backstage by saying, "Do you know that David has recently bought some islands in the Bahamas? Well they are BEAUTIFUL and we are doing a lot of projects for these islands: Ads, TV, Radio and many other promotions. So we like to keep in touch with you in case there is a job in the future we think you would be interested in."

The women are then asked to fill out a questionnaire such as where they are from, what hotel they are currently staying in, how long their visit is and if they arrived with a husband or boyfriend.

When these details were revealed, Copperfield's lawyer sent a threatening letter to all personnel informing them to cease and desist from talking about what the famous magician does after his shows.

The FBI is still investigating David Copperfield after Seattle police accepted a complaint from a woman who participated in the audience and then later was flown to the Bahamas. The woman alleges that she was *****. Copperfield denies it.